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FIFA 20: How To Do A Normal Shot

The most important part of the game.

by Dean James


Scoring may not actually happen all that often in soccer as a whole, but that does not mean that players aren’t trying to all throughout the game. There are many shots taken during the game and there are many different types you can use in FIFA 20. The most simple of these is just the basic normal shot, which this guide will explain how it works.

FIFA 20 offers players many intricate types of shots that you can execute to try and score, but sometimes you don’t need something overly fancy. For those cases, you have your normal shot in your arsenal.

To make a normal shot in FIFA 20, you must use the Circle button on PS4, or the respective button on other platforms. It isn’t just as simple as pressing the button however, as the shot it self is much more intricate.

First of all, you can alter the direction of the shot with the use of the left analog stick, allowing you to try and get it around the goalkeeper. You will likely already be on the move, so it can be difficult at times to try to pick a direction for the shot here, so you will have to practice this to get the hang of it.

On top of the direction, you also have to worry about the power of the shot here as well. Depending on the situation, you may need a super powerful shot or one with little to no power put into it. How long you hold down Circle will decide just how much power you use, with a quick tap doing a little kick and holding it down for as long as possible causing it to fire far away. If you have turned on the shot meter within the Trainer, you can see just how much power you’re using on the shot as well, which can help you learn how to best handle this.

If the ball is already in the air, you can also press Circle here to do a header or volley as well, but most of the time you’re just going to be doing the normal shot from the ground.

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