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FIFA 20: How to Strafe Dribble, New Dribbling Moves in FIFA 20

Master this new dribbling style in FIFA 20.

by William Schwartz


Strafe Dribbling is one of the new features in FIFA 20.  This new control method for attackers in FIFA 20 offers more dimension to your attacking options.  The move gives players the ability to move with greater agility, luring your opponents in and then beating them with either pure speed or skill.  Strafe Dribbling allows you to move in multiple directions and then explode past your defender.

To Strafe Dribble you simply need to hold the LB/L1 Button and use the Left Stick to move.  You’ll find that instead of normal dribbling you’ll be in more fine tuned control, keeping the ball in front of you while effectively strafing side to side, or forward and back.

You can also lock your angle while strafe dribbling by pressing the LB/L1 + RB/R1 Buttons and using the Left Thumbstick.  Using this option will lock in your angle when you start holding in the shoulder buttons on the controller.

How to Strafe Dribble

Xbox/PC: Press and hold the LB Button while using the Left Stick to Dribble.

PlayStation: Press and hold the L1 Button while using the Left Stick to Dribble.

Using the Strafe Dribble depends on the situation. When you’re on a one versus one situation Strafe Dribbling coupled with different flicks and exploding out of the strafe can allow you to get by defenders and open unique shots on goal.

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