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FIFA 20: How To Turn Off Trainer

For when you don't need any guidance.

by Dean James


There is no question that FIFA is one of the most complicated of all the sports games, featuring so many different controls that you need to master to become good at the game. The developer previously implemented the Trainer into the game as a way to help with gameplay by guiding you with hints and such. While previously this was something you had to activate, FIFA 20 has it on by default and this guide will explain how you can turn it off.

Turning off Trainer in FIFA 20 is done the same way through every game mode, but whether it stays off or not depends on which part of the game you are playing. When playing the different game types with Kick Off Mode, you will have to deactivate this every single time you play. To do this, pause the game and look for the Trainer option on the pause menu that pops up. Select this option and the actual specifics for Trainer will show up here.

Within this menu, you can alter different aspects of the Trainer itself, such as whether it shows movement and buttons, movement and mechanics, or multiple other options, as well as a breakdown of the mechanics if you have them selected too.

However, the part we care about today is the Status option, which is defaulted to Show from the start. What you want to do is change Show to Hide and it will remove the Trainer completely from your gameplay when you go back out of the menu. As said above, this has to be done every match in Kick Off, so it might be worth it to just keep it on unless it’s really bothering you.

Online is a different story, as you still turn off the Trainer the same way as with Kick Off, but it will actually remember your choice in future online matches. This is definitely good, as it would be bad to have to pause every single online game that would definitely give your opponent an early advantage while you are vulnerable.

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