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FIFA 21 – How to Juggle

by Daniel Chae


In FIFA 21 juggling is one of the most over-powered moves that high level players have at their disposal.  Juggling allows you to control the ball without letting it touch the ground, sometimes setting you up for wide open shots when close to the opponents goal.  In this guide we’ll explain how to juggle in FIFA 21 on Xbox and PlayStation.

How to Juggle in FIFA 21

Juggling is one of the most complicated things in FIFA, if only because of the myriad of moves that you can chain to a juggle with juggling tricks.  But to start a juggle it is a relatively simply process.  You can perform one of the following moves to start a juggle.

Flick up to Juggle – Hold the L2 Button and then hold the R1 Button

Normal Juggle from Standing Position – Hold the L2 Button and then tap the R1 Button

Flick up to Volley – Press in the Right Thumbstick

*On Xbox you would use the LT Button and RB Button

Juggling Tricks FIFA 21 List


5 Star Juggling Tricks List FIFA 21


As you can see, there are many different things that you can chain to a juggle.  However, if you are just looking to keep the ball in the air, a simple way to do this type of juggle without a specific type of move attached to it is by just flicking the Right Stick up while the ball is in the air.  The easiest way to get the ball in the air is by flicking it up for volley by pressing in the right thumbstick.

- This article was updated on:October 6th, 2020

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