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FIFA 22: How to Meet Board Expectations in Career Mode

Don't get bullied by the board in this year's updated FIFA Career Mode.
FIFA 22 Madrid

Meeting the requirements and expectations of the Board in FIFA 22 Career Mode is the most critical factor in your playthrough. These range from financial expectations over club profits to the anticipation of European or domestic success. If you don’t want to face the firing line in the first years of your manager challenge, you’ll need to ace each of the individual expectations.

Before choosing a club to manage in career mode, you’ll be able to view the Board Expectations before signing. Also, with the new club creation feature, you can choose your personalized expectations for the year ahead, which allows you to select whichever level of realism you prefer.

Types of Board Expectations 

There are five different Board Expectations per club in FIFA 22. Rarely will all five be of the utmost importance to your squad, so be sure to note what scenarios you need to fulfil before the season is out.


  • Financial: This objective is based nearly entirely on your club transfers. You’ll want to both sign players and hand out contracts intelligently to make sure you’re not overspending for your team.
  • Brand Exposure: To satisfy the board for Brand Exposure, you’ll need to sell tickets and shirts at a greater rate than when you took over. This objective can be boosted by good form, as more fans will visit the ground if you’re in the pack for promotion, but you’ll also find an easy shirt-sales boost in signing any super-star player.
  • Domestic Success: Here, you will be concentrating on form and results in the league and national cups. Domestic success is always one of the most important objectives for any team outside of continental competition. It is the only way you’ll be lifting any trophies or keeping yourself in the league, so you need to keep winning games for this. 
  • Continental Success: To pass this objective, you’ll need to compete well in continental competitions such as the Europa League or the Champions League. If Continental Success is deemed more critical to the board than Domestic Success, make sure to plan your squads appropriately for the busy calendar.
  • Youth Development: To pass expectations in this objective, you’ll need to sign players to your youth squad, develop them, and give them game time in your first team.

If it’s your first season on the game, we’d recommend concentrating on a club with Domestic Success as the most important factor, as it relates most to the primary gameplay. However, if you want to mix it up slightly, Youth Development and Brand Exposure are two slightly more challenging and abstract objectives that can offer a challenge to even the most seasoned FIFA manager.


Short and Long Term Expectations in FIFA 22

You’ll notice that not only are the Board Expectations divided into five categories, but each section also divides into either short-term or long-term expectations. The short-term issues are the ones you’ll need to deal with quickly as they have a season long time limit. However, you’ll want to implement solutions to the long-term objectives as early as possible, as they are often not feasible within two seasons, and by the time you realize it, it can be too late.

That’s our comprehensive guide to Board Expectations on FIFA 22, follow our advice for each format, and you should be able to keep your Board Approval level 80+ and consistently green. In addition, we’ve got a whole host of tips and tricks on our FIFA 22 guides page, so be sure to check that out if you need to sharpen up your FIFA skills.

FIFA 22 is available on October 1st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

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