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FIFA 22- How To Play Better Offense – Score More Goals

FIFA 22 Cover

In the footballing world of FIFA 22, casual players approach their teams with subtle substitutions and squad layouts. Further on, however, experienced players deep-dive into squad tactics and player roles/instructions. In doing so, this allows their teams to tactically play how they envisioned, aiding them in hopefully achieving victory. In this case, below will be a breakdown focused on attack and ultimately creating more goal-scoring opportunities.

Turn Attacking Up To Eleven

Firstly, looking into the custom tactics of the team sheet is ultimately where plans and ideas come together. Looking into the 4-3-3 formation, for example, it allows you an LW/ST/RW front three. Having wingers and strikers with a high pace stat is key in FIFA 22, helping get the ball up the pitch much quicker. In the instructions tab, highlighting a player will allow you to assign tactics to their playstyles. Customizing your starting eleven’s depth and width can be a risky venture but is still a possibility, spread too thin and you may find yourself open to receiving more counter-attacks.

For the front three, or attackers in general, regardless of formation, setting your wingers and strikers to Stay Forward, Cut Inside and Get In Behind. In doing this, your attackers will push up once an attack presents itself allowing them to get in behind a defence. By setting this as a tactic, pacey attackers will easily make runs more appealing to a player with huge passing statistics. The Build-Up Play tactic is also a helpful addition to a teams playstyle, setting the option to long ball pushes your attackers even further down pitch whilst on a counter-attack.


As you can see from the team I have built above, the instructions set help me in attacking as frequently as I can, perfect for players of the quality Heung Min Son and Mohamed Salah are, quick and evasive. Furthermore, having an attacking midfielder set to also staying forward and getting into the box adds more support to the front three, having three avenues of pass available, that extra man may just help in gaining a goal.

Finally, for finishing, one of the most helpful shots to take is the “Finesse” finish. Sole use is to help the ball curl around an obstruction in front of your current player. Any footballer can use this to their advantage, but of course, the worlds best are most suitable. One frequent use of the move is having quick build-up play in front of an opponents box, waiting for your finisher to get in a decent position on goal, passing towards them, cutting to their stronger foot, and with R1/RB + O, placing it in the top corner. Helping you dispatch a defender of goalkeeper in your way, finesse adds flair and precision to a footballers attack.

For the basics of instructions and tactics, that is all there is to it, FIFA 22 is out now on PlayStation 5/4, Xbox One, Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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