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Final Fantasy 14: How to Check Server Status

Here is how you can check the game's server status 24/7

by Victor Vellas


Final Fantasy 14 is known for having rather stable servers at all times, but being able to check the game’s server status at any time can always help, in case of a sudden maintenance’s, shard malfunctions and a lot of other hiccups. The popular MMORPG is having a lot of traffic these days due to the major updates and content it is receiving, hence why there could be some ‘spikes’ to the servers. If you do end up in such an instance, make sure to read below to see how you can check the game’s server status for yourself.

How to check Final Fantasy 14’s Server Status

Server maintenance, broken shards, overloaded servers and a lot more can be reasons for why FF XIV’s could be sometimes found in downtime. If any of these occur, the best place you can visit in order to check the game’s availability, would be the official website itself. Simply visit the page and then find the Maintenance tab in their website, to check if everything is alright. If you want to save some time, here is a link that directly sends you to the respective tab. You can see everything right there, from server status to upcoming maintenance time frames and more.

Another way of checking Final Fantasy 14’s servers, is to visit their official social media. Their Reddit and Twitter pages are constantly updated with the game’s current status it is in, so if there is something wrong, just by getting into their pages you will for sure see flooded comment sections about it.

Lastly, if you have any trouble logging into the game, servers being down or not, you can always contact their dedicated support team who will reply back with everything they can provide for the respective problem or communicate with you the current server status. Here is another direct link, from which you can contact them right away.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is available on PlayStation and PC. For anything else related to the game, make sure to check our list of guides right here.


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