Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus Explained: What Carries Over to “Final Fantasy” Mode in FFXVI?

This guide will cover everything that carries over in "Final Fantasy" Mode in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 is quite the game, filled with incredible boss sequences, an intriguing story, and characters that fans of the series will fall in love with. It makes sense why players would want to replay it all over again in New Game Plus. But what carries over to the second playthrough? This guide will cover everything that will carry over for players in “Final Fantasy” Mode for Final Fantasy 16.

Everything that Carries Over to “Final Fantasy” Mode in Final Fantasy 16

Players can start New Game Plus for Final Fantasy 16 in whichever difficulty they would like — Action-focused, Story-focused, and (the new difficulty) Final Fantasy Mode. While each New Game Plus is similar, Final Fantasy Mode differs slightly.

Final Fantasy Mode mode is the hardest difficulty the game has to offer. New Game Plus, Final Fantasy Mode brings over all your progression and tweaks the gameplay and experience. For example, Clive will now be able to level up to 100 and craft Ultima Weapons. Outside of that, enemies are stronger and have different placements within dungeons. Additionally, Chronolith Trials are revamped to create a more challenging experience and Ultimaniac Mode becomes available.

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Final Fantasy Mode is designed for players who want a real challenge and have mastered the combat in Final Fantasy 16! Here is everything that carries over and what changes for Final Fantasy Mode’s New Game Plus.

  • Level, stats, abilities, equipment, item inventory, and potion upgrades carry over.
  • Level cap increased to 100.
  • Equipment can be further enhanced.
  • New gear to craft, including Ultima Weapons.
  • Enemies are more powerful.
  • New enemy placements within dungeons.
  • Chronolith Trials are made more challenging.

The first bullet point above also carries over in the new game plus for Action-focused and Story-focused, while the rest are specifically for Final Fantasy Mode. If you want to make the most of New Game Plus, I recommend playing in Final Fantasy Mode. It brings the freshest experience and will provide a demanding challenge — something that is lacking in the other difficulty levels. Or, if you want to experience the story all over again with not as much effort, then Action-focused or Story-focused is a good choice!

- This article was updated on June 25th, 2023

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