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Final Fantasy Explorers Guide: How To Encase Eidolons

by Dean James


The gameplay found in Final Fantasy Explorers centers around battling of a bevy of different familiar creatures from the Final Fantasy franchise, the best of which are the Eidolons, also known as summons. These boss battles are pretty common in the game, but after a point, you can actually encase these Eidolons for your own usage in battle.

This is something that will actually come via a main quest known as the “Magicite Permit Exam.” Magicite is a special type of item that lets you transform into the accompanying character, based on the switchable Magicites through the giant crystal in town.

The mission will tell you what to do, but it’s a little confusing and can be frustrating, so we thought we’d give you a little guidance on how to go about encasing an Eidolon in Final Fantasy Explorers.

The main quest will task you to encase one of the Eidolons that you have previously fought, which in my game, I chose to go after Ifrit. After deciding which one you want to encase, make your way to their location and engage them in a fight.

Fight the respective Eidolon as you always do, while using abilities to have your Crystal Resonance number high enough to where you keep getting prompted to use one. You technically can use one early in the fight, but always make sure you have it available near the end.

As the Eidolon is getting very low on health, often requiring you to get them to only a very small fraction of health, you will be prompted to use your Crystal Surge again. However, this time, you will see an option for one called Encase. Make sure you are right next to the Eidolon, as it will fail otherwise, and execute the ability. This will show the animation that you defeated the Eidolon as usual, though now you have earned the respective Eidolon Magicite.

There is one issue that you very well might come across though, as it can be a bit of a double edged sword. Throughout the game, you will pretty much always want to have creatures in your party to help you in battle, especially if your stats are lower at this point. The bad thing though is that since you have to get the Eidolon so low in health to activate the Encase Crystal Surge, your teammates may very well kill it before you can fully cast it. This means you will have to return to Libertas and start all over again. This personally happened to me a few different times, so be very mindful of this when trying to encase an Eidolon.

If you follow the above steps, you should now have your very own Eidolon Magicite that you can use in battle. These will definitely be able to help you in the tougher battles later, so it’s a good idea to go after as many Eidolons as you can.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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