Final Fantasy VII Remake – How to Get All 9 Bridal Candidate Outfits

Going to take multiple playthroughs.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The excursion to Wall Market in Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Chapter 9 is certainly an interesting one, as Cloud and Aerith work to save Tifa from the terrible Don Corneo. This means having to find a way into his mansion, which includes not only Aerith getting dressed up to be a bridal candidate, but Cloud as well when all is said and done. Across Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud, there are nine total bridal candidate outfits available in the game, with you having to acquire all nine through multiple playthroughs to unlock the Dressed to the Nines trophy.

How To Get All 9 Bridal Candidate Outfits

Each of Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud have three different costumes that you can end up with in the game, with only one per each being obtainable in the first playthrough. Thankfully, Chapter Selection is unlocked when you beat the game and lets you go back and get all of the costumes for the trophy.

We’ll start with Tifa here, as the deciding factor on what dress she has is from a question she asks you in Chapter 3. You will only get this choice if you have completed all of the sidequests in Chapter 3, which leads to a Discovery scene at Stargazer Heights in Tifa’s room, where she will talk Cloud into going out on the town with her. She will ask him what type of costume she should wear between Mature, Sporty, and Exotic. Exotic will lead to the costume seen in the above picture, with the other answers leading to other dresses.

Moving onto Aerith, her dress choice comes into play the chapter before the visit to Wall Market in Chapter 8. This chapter brings you the next round of sidequests that you can complete, with the number of sidequests you complete leading to the style of dress Aerith gets. The three options are as a result of doing no sidequests, three sidequests, or all six sidequests. The dress seen from completing all six sidequests can be seen in the picture above.

Finally we have Cloud, whose dress choice is based on your actions in Chapter 9, but this one is a little more complicated. The first dress option has you playing you way through Wall Market up until the dress scene occurring without you doing any sidequests. This is the more minimal run of Chapter 9 and will give you one dress.

The other two dresses for Cloud are dependent on which sidequests, as both Sam and Madame M offer two different sidequests for you. However, you can only do one or the other in each playthrough. For one dress, you have to avoid Johnny when you see him in town and going through all three places again, leading to you going back to Sam for a second coin toss, where you tell him you’re not calling one way or the other. Now go to Madame M and get the Luxury Massage there. Doing this will lead to Madame M’s specific sidequests titled The Prince of Thievery and Shears’ Counterattack once you get to the sidequest part of the chapter.

For the third and final Cloud dress, you have to follow Johnny this time when you first see him in town. Then go to the three locations you are eventually prompted to go to, including calling for the coin from Sam and choose any of the massages from Madame M. I personally did the cheapest option my first try, but each of them may work. Just like before, continue to play through and when you get sidequests given, you will instead be given two extra ones by Sam titled The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body. When you eventually get your dress, you will be given the one seen in the image above.