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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Submit Butterfinger Candy Bar Receipt For Free DLC

Also get a free Tifa PS4 theme.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake is only a few weeks away, easily being one of the most anticipated games of this generation of consoles without question. Following the lead of Square Enix’s partnership with Cup Noodles, they have now done something similar with Final Fantasy VII Remake, though this time it involves chocolate bars to get free DLC.

How To Submit Butterfinger Candy Bar Receipt For Free DLC

Square Enix has teamed up with Butterfinger this time around for a special promotion that will reward you with DLC for the game upon its release, as well as something you can access now.

To start, you must purchase two of either Butterfinger bars, Baby Ruth bars, or Crunch bars. By purchasing two of these on the same receipt, you have a chance to earn the five items below, with a new tier being available to you for every two in addition you buy.

  1. Midgar Bangle: A bangle designed in the image of the great city of Midgar
    (release date: April 10, 2020)
  2. Shinra Bangle: A sleek bangle engraved with the Shinra company logo
    (release date: April 10, 2020)
  3. Corneo’s Armlet: A tacky bangle bearing the Don’s mark
    (release date: April 10, 2020)
  4. Superstar Belt: A belt declaring one’s status as a superstar
    (release date: April 10, 2020)
  5. Mako Crystal: A beautiful crystal imbued with mako
    (release date: April 10, 2020)

In addition, you will receive a special them for PS4 with Tifa the first time you do this. You will have access to this immediately upon you receiving your email, so you will get a code that you can then redeem on the PlayStation Store to download it and start using it.

The instructions are a little confusing for some though as this is different from the usual promotion where there are codes inside the product. Instead, you are reliant on taking a picture of your receipt with the right information on it. First of all, got to a store and purchase two of the candy bars mentioned above in the same purchase. You will need a receipt, so getting them out of a vending machine or a place that lists them simply as candy bar on the receipt with not work.

After doing this, head to and enter your email in the open field on the page. Now it will ask you to upload your receipt, which can be done either by taking a picture right then or already having it.

You have to get a perfect picture of the receipt though for it to count, as I personally had two rejected before finally getting the third to work. You not only need the candy bars to be present on the receipt, but you also need the store you got it at visible, as well as the date. I tried to get a smaller picture that was more zoomed in, but was missing information. In the end, the picture that worked for me was a picture of a long receipt that required zooming in to read. This seemed to work though, so that’s what we recommend.’

If you do get a rejection, you have to wait until another day to submit another receipt to try again. This also goes for if you buy more candy bars and want to submit another receipt. These receipts are one time usage too, so don’t try to use it more than once, as that won’t work.

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