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Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Block and Parry

by Dean James


The Final Fantasy series has offered players a variety of different combat systems over the years, but Final Fantasy XV may be the most drastic change so far. Taking on a move action oriented system that has been seen in games like Kingdom Hearts, there are new facets to the gameplay that you must get used to and parrying is one of those.

While in combat, you will be controlling Noctis the entire time, with every movement of your weapon coming by either pressing or holding the attack button. While going on the offensive is well and good, defense also plays a major role in this system, as you can quickly get outmatched if you aren’t careful.

One way that can help to protect yourself is to parry enemy attacks, which is pretty simple. While your instinct may be to lay into the enemy with attacks, be wary of on-screen popups that will say “Block.” When this happens, quickly hold down X on Xbox One (Square on Xbox One) and if you timed it correctly, you will block their attack and open the enemy up for you to attack by pressing B on Xbox One (Circle on PS4) when it says “Parry” on screen.

The parrying prompt only comes up at certain times when you are attacked, so it is vital to keep your eyes on the screen and not just flailing endlessly at the enemy. Already holding down X when attacks are incoming is a good way to not take damage by avoiding the attacks completely if you have MP, but the actual block and parry can be very helpful.

In addition, if you are utilizing a two handed sword or other large weapon and are fighting a horde of enemies, blocking the enemy and parrying will allow you to get a good strike in on not just that enemy you blocked, but the crowd of enemies in front of you as well.

Parrying might be a little random in you actually being able to do it, but it is very helpful when used. Just make sure to keep your hand positioned to where the X button is easily accessibly, as well being able to quickly hit B as well.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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