Fire Emblem Engage Diamant Guide: How to Recruit, Best Classes, Emblem, Bond Rings, and More

Check out how to bring out the full might of one of the game's best!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Among the wide cast of playable characters available in Fire Emblem Engage, Diamant sets himself apart through his ability to excel as a focused damage dealer capable of both tanking bosses and bringing them down fast. But what are the best classes and emblems for the heir to the Brodia Throne? Now, in order to answer that and more, here’s a full Diamant guide sure to help you bring out his full potential in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage Diamant Guide: How to Recruit, Best Classes, Emblem, and Bond Rings

How to Recruit and the Best Classes for Diamant

For those worrying over whether or not they will miss out on one of the game’s best, don’t worry, as Diamant will become available automatically once you start the game’s eighth chapter, The Kingdom of Might.

With that said, just like most of the game’s royals, like Celine and Alcryst, Diamant’s best class is also by far his exclusive one, in this case, Successeur. Overall, the class sets itself apart through the way it will elevate his HP to new heights, massively increase his overall damage and increase his Defence, all while allowing him to become self-sustainable while on the frontlines through its Passive. It is highly advisable to advance Diamant to Successeur before starting the game’s tenth and eleventh chapters, especially on Maddening difficulty.


You will be able to advance Diamant to the Successeur class by expending one Master Seal once you reach Lord lv.10, so don’t forget to check out our guide into how to get and use the Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage.

Recommended Bond and Emblem Rings

Overall, Diamant will benefit the most from Emblem and Bond rings focused on increasing his already high innate stats. In this case HP, Strength, Speed, Dexterity, and Defence. With that said, among all Emblem Rings, the best pick will be Roy, as his Ring will offer both a platoon of must-have skills for Diamant, such as Hold Out, as well as many handy passives. Roy’s emblem ring will be unlocked at the start of the game’s eighth chapter. The ring will also be automatically set to Diamant.

Bond Ring-wise, our main pick would be Wout A/S, as the ring will increase all of his offensive-focused stats. In order to get the ring, don’t forget to check out how to create and meld them in the game.


Skill-wise, we recommend that you prioritize Marth’s Avo+ (for early/mid-game) as well as Ike’s Wrath and Resolve, the latter two of which are must-haves.

Fire Emblem Engage Diamant Guide: Favorite Gifts

As you can see in our Best Gifts for All Characters in Fire Emblem Engage guide, which features the list of all gifts favorited by each playable character in the game, those looking to quickly raise Diamant’s Support level should give him gifts related to weaponry, fishing, training, and studying, Gifting him ordinary items such as Dried Meat, Bandages as well as the Spirit Gem can also work great.

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- This article was updated on January 26th, 2023