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Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide: How To Host The Best Tea Parties

How can you say you're a teacher if you can't host a good tea party?

by Jelani James

If you went into Fire Emblem: Three Houses thinking the most you would be expected to do is teach and fight, then you’re in for quite a shock. As it turns out, you’ll also be expected to host tea parties for your students and fellow faculty members.

What Are Tea Parties


Unlocked in Chapter 2 after giving Lorenz the Elegant Tea Set you receive as part of a quest from Ferdinand, Tea Parties allow you to have some one-on-one time with a student or fellow teacher in order to get to know them better.

So long as it’s their birthday or your relationship with them is at least C-Rank and they have time, you can invite anyone to the garden and have a quiet chat while sipping on tea. During this time, you can ask them an assortment of questions and depending on how engaged they are in the conversation, you’ll receive some rewards.

  • Normal – Support Level Increase
  • Nice – Support Level and Motivation Increase
  • Perfect – Support Level and Motivation Increase; Potential +1 Charm for Participating Characters

Do note, however, that failing two conversation prompts in a row will result in a failure.

Okay, So How Do I Host The Best Tea Parties?


The easiest part about hosting tea parties is choosing the tea leaves you wish to use. You’ll typically find them lying around the school, but they can later be purchased from special merchants unlocked in Chapter 5. There are no wrong choices when picking which tea to brew for your guest, but picking the right one will reduce the amount of correct dialogue options needed to achieve a Perfect Tea Time by one, making the special fourth conversation prompt easier to unlock.

And this leads to the hard aspect of hosting tea parties: the dialogue options.

The dialogue options are vague, requiring you to give prompts for topics of conversation, instead of saying anything concrete. Therefore, you’ll need to consider the guest’s personality (along with any quirks you might have learned about them during the course of the story) to ensure the party goes off with a hitch.

As an example:

  • Dorothea enjoys talking about romance and teachers she finds interesting, but won’t talk much about herself or her future aspirations.
  • Contrary to Dorothea, Ingrid only cares about knightly matters and her future aspirations, completely ignoring anything related to romance.

Here’s a complete list of potential guests, as well as their likes and dislikes (I’ll list their favorite tea too if I happened to find it):

  • Alois (Bergamot)
    • Likes: Telling jokes, family, the knights, sweet, large flowers
    • Dislikes: Spicy foods,  ghosts, sea travel
  • Annette (Almond)
    • Likes: Dressing up, early morning walks, dancing, washing clothes
    • Dislikes: Dirtiness, places that are hard to clean, coffee, laziness, dark places
  • Ashe (Angelica)
    • Likes: Taking care of children, stories about chivalry, sweets, travel, violets
    • Dislikes: Confined spaces, deceit, violence, ghosts
  • Bernadetta (Berry Blend)
    • Likes: Being alone, drawing, embroidery, music, reading, stuffed animals
    • Dislikes: Imposing people, overbearing fathers, talking to people
  • Caspar (Ginger)
    • Likes: Defeating evil, fighting
    • Dislikes: Inequity, liars, rain, time wasting
  • Claude (Chamomile)
    • Likes: Archery, feasts, curious topics, horse riding
    • DIslikes: Blind faith in the gods, leaving things to chance, being bound by common sense
  • Cyril
    • Likes: Helping Lady Rhea, practicing archery, small flowers
    • Dislikes: Rhea’s enemies, anyone who does his work for him
  • Dedue (Ginger)
    • Likes: Arts, Gardening, Flowers, Embroidery
    • Dislikes: Bothering Dimitri
  • Dorothea
    • Likes: Acting, singing, decorations, music, animals
    • Dislikes: Herself, conceited nobles
  • Dimitri (Chamomile)
    • Likes: Battle training, weapons, riding, physical training
    • Dislikes: Weak objects, selfishness, heat
  • Edelgard (Bergamot)
    • Likes: Debate, history, talented people
    • Dislikes: Old-fashioned values,c rests, chains, swimming, lsoing control, rats
  • Felix (Almyran Pine Needles)
    • Likes: Combat, hunting, high quality weapons, meat, spicy food
    • Dislikes: Chivalry, light-heartedness, sweets, his father
  • Ferdinand
    • Likes: Tea, justice, nobility, horse riding
    • Dislikes: Laziness, ignoble nobles
  • Flayn (Apple)
    • Likes:  Learning new things, making friends, forget-me-nots, talking about love
    • Dislikes: Sleeping too much, Setheth’s over-protection
  • Gilbert (Almond)
  • Hanneman (Bergamot)
    • Likes: Neat & tidy workplaces, handkerchiefs, food cooked by others
    • Dislikes: Politics, cooking himself, corruption, untidiness
  • Hilda (Rose Petal)
    • Likes: Dancing, fashion, singing, flowers
    • Dislikes: Putting in effort, responsibilities, being tired, extreme weather
  • Hubert
    • Likes: Tactics & strategy, protecting Edelgard, intelligence
    • Dislikes: the Church of Seiros, people who bother Edelgard, gambling, clumsiness, heights
  • Ignatz
    • Likes: Art, the Goddess, the Four Saints, flowers, faraway lands, peace, landscapes
    • Dislikes: Stressful situations, lightning, those who dislike art
  • Ingrid (Mint)
    • Likes: Chivalry, food, meat, horses, knights
    • Dislikes: Hunger, lavishness, people from Duscur
  • Leonie (Angelica)
    • Likes: Competition, hunting, gardening, reusing old things, military arts, Jeralt
    • Dislikes: Decadence, debt, poisonous creatures, defeat
  • Linhardt
    • Likes: Freedom, fishing, naps, sleeping, sweets, reading
    • Dislikes: Blood, duty, politics, fighting, weapons
  • Lorenz (Rose Petal)
    • Likes: Art, nobility, red roses, tea
    • Dislikes: Coffeee, filth, injustice, bad smells, vulgarity
  • Lysithea (Sweet Apple Tea)
    • Likes: Cute things, lilies, sweets
    • Dislikes: Being perceived as a child, hard work, ghosts, bitter food
  • Manuela (Mint)
    • Likes: Cooking, dancing, needlework, refreshing drinks, singing
    • Dislikes: Bullies, cleaning & tidying
  • Marianne (Lavender)
    • Likes: Birds, flowers, reading, the Goddess
    • Dislikes: Cleaning up, crests, herself
  • Mercedes (Crescent Moon)
    • Likes: Baking, praying
    • Dislikes: Exercising, spicy food
  • Petra (Spice)
    • Likes: The Brigid Islands, family, ocean swimming, sunshine, climbing trees
    • Dislikes: Discrimination, idling, math
  • Raphael (Ginger)
    • Likes: Training, muscles, protein, his younger sister
    • Dislikes: Books, studying, leftover food
  • Shamir (Chamomile)
    • Likes: Archery, gambling, paychecks, thrown weapons
    • Dislikes: Centipedes, spiders, smooth-talking people
  • Setheth (Angelica)
    • Likes: Flayn, fishing, diligence, the Church
    • Dislikes: Those who dislike the church or Flayn
  • Sylvain
    • Likes: Board games, lively places, women
    • Dislikes: Jealousy, messy places, excessive heat


That’s it for hosting tea parties in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It’s not necessarily something you’ll spend a lot of time doing, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right.

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