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Fire Emblem Three Houses How to Change Classes

Customize your house to your specific liking.

by William Schwartz


Fire Emblem Three Houses has a lot of different character classes in the game which allows you to build the perfect team.  While units will start out with predisposed abilities, you can change classes as you progress in the game.  The first thing you need to know is that before any class changing can begin you need to level your units to level 5.  At that point you’ll want to head into the Certification area of the Activity Board found in the Monastery.

Take Certification Tests to Change Classes

Once your units reach level 5 they will be given the opportunity to take a Certification Exam in the Beginner Classes.  As they continue to level up they will be able to switch into Intermediate, Advanced and Master Classes.  Depending on the type of class you want to take a Certification Exam in you may not have a 100% chance of passing.

For these Certification Exams, you’ll also need to use a Seal of the corresponding level that the exam is in.  Beginner classes will need beginner seals, Intermediate will need Intermediate seals, and so on.  The requirements to pass a certification exam really boils down to a certain letter grade that is needed in a specific category.  For example, one beginner class is the Myrmidon which requires that Sword skill be a D or better and the unit is at level 5.  This will give the unit a 100% chance of passing the exam and the ability to change to that class.

It’s worth noting that these exams to change classes can only be done one time per week.  If you choose a class exam by mistake you will need to wait a full week to take another exam if you wanted a different class for a character.

Once you take the exam and pass, you will be asked if you want to change your class to the one you just took the exam for.  After a unit has passed multiple exams, they can also be re-classed into any class that they’ve previously unlocked in exams.

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