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Fire Emblem Three Houses How to Learn Magic

Instruct your house well and they'll learn more powerful magic.

by William Schwartz


Fire Emblem Three Houses has all types of different characters with unique abilities.  One of those abilities is different magic spells that you can learn.  However, not all characters can learn magic as it will be determined by the skills and class of a character.  The best way to start using magic quickly is to select the Black Eagle House once you get to the point in the game where you must choose which house you will lead.  This will occur after reaching the Monastery. as a number of the units in the Black Eagle House already have magic skills.

After choosing The Black Eagle House you will get your first chance at using magic in the mock battle.  Here you must defeat the other two houses and the units within the house will have both Light and Dark Magic spells.  Like any other weapon, magic must be equipped and it takes the spot of a traditional weapon like a sword, axe, or bow.  Other magical spells called Assist Magic can be used regardless of your other equipment.  You’ll be able to see which characters have magical abilities by looking at skills in the character menu.  This will show learned magic and class-specific magic spells.

How to learn magic in Fire Emblem Three Houses

To learn more advanced spells, you will want to pass certification for each of the units in your house.  Each unit will have different certifications that can be taken and these are gated by levels.  Some certifications will enable certain characters to learn more magical spells than others.  As the Professor you will be given the chance to instruct the house and this is basically a way to level up specific abilities. Instructing them in Reason or Faith will gain skill experience for them giving them access to higher level magic spells.  As their skill levels increase, each unit will gain access to new abilities like higher level magic, assuming magic is what you’re instructing them on.  Each unit has desires to be taught different things, but you can deviate from their wishes and teach them what you want.

There are different types of magic in Fire Emblem Three Houses and the type of magic that you have access to is determined by the skills of your units and their certifications.  Studying Reason, for example, will unlock Black Magic abilities, while studying Faith will unlock White Magic.

Magic has an interesting mechanic in Fire Emblem Three Houses.  Magic has a set number of uses in each battle, once you are out of magic spells you will have to wait to use it again until after a battle is finished.

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