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Fire Emblem Three Houses What Gifts to Give to Each Character

Give gifts to the correct person for higher support.

by William Schwartz


In Fire Emblem Three Houses you can give gifts that you find or purchase to different characters at the Monastery.  Giving the appropriate gifts to the right character can increase your bond with that character, helping you unlock higher support ranks and motivation (if they are in your house). 

As you start interacting with characters outside of your house in attempts to recruit them, you’ll want to focus on getting a C Rank in Support to entice them to make the jump to your house.  Giving these characters the correct gifts can go a long way in ultimately recruiting them to your team.

Using the list below, you can find out where to get the items that you need to give gifts to the various professors and students in the Monastery and to help recruit them to your house.

GiftCharacter LikesHow to Get
Ancient CoinAsheDark Merchant (500G)
Arithmetic TextbookHanneman, AnnetteDark Merchant (500G)
Armored Bear StuffyFlayn, MercedesMerchant (500G)
Blue CheeseManuelaDark Merchant (1000G)
Board GameSylvainMerchant (1000G)
Book of Crest DesignsHannemanDark Merchant (1000G)
Book of Sheet MusicDorothea, Manuela, AnnetteDark Merchant (500G)
Ceremonial SwordDimitri, FelixMerchant (1000G)
Dapper HandkerchiefFlayn, Hanneman, Seteth, SylvainMerchant (300G)
Exotic SpicesAshe, Dedue, PetraMerchant (1000G)
Floral AdornmentDedueMerchant (100G)
Fishing FloatLeonie, SetethMerchant (100G)
Forget Me NotsFlaynGreenhouse Gardening
Gemstone BeadsDorothea, Manuela, MercedesMerchant (100G)
Goddess StatueManuela, MercedesMerchant (500G)
Hunting DaggerFelix, Leonie, Petra, ShamirMerchant (300G)
Landscape PaintingSylvainDark Merchant (1000G)
LavenderMercedesGreenhouse Gardening
Legends of ChivalryFelix, IngridMerchant (500G)
Owl FeatherEveryoneExploration Monastery
Riding BootsDimitri, IngridMerchant (500G)
Smoked MeatFelix, Ingrid, PetraMerchant (100G)
Stylish Hair CapAnnetta, Dorothea, FlaynMerchant (300G)
SunflowerPetra, ShamirGreenhouse Gardening
Tasty Baked TreatAshe, Flayn, MercedesMerchant (100G)
Tea LeavesHannemanMerchant (500G)
History of FodlanSetethDark Merchant (500G)
Training WeightDimitri, Felix, LeonieMerchant (500G)
VioletAsheGreenhouse Gardening
Watering CanDedueMerchant (300G)
WhetstoneDimitriMerchant (300G)

This list of gifts in Fire Emblem Three Houses is a guide in-progress that will be updated with more information in the future.

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