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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Where are the Captain’s Quarters

How to find the Captain's Quarters

by Kyle Hanson


Your first few hours with Fire Emblem: Three Houses may involve a lot of combat and choices, such as which house to pick, but it also has a lot of random exploration. During this you may be tasked with tracking down specific people or locations, and the game doesn’t give you a ton of guidance as to where to find them. One of these has tripped up a lot of players, leaving them wondering where are the Captain’s Quarters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Where are the Captain’s Quarters

This specific quest pops up after your first skirmish with the two Houses you didn’t choose to lead at the beginning of the game. After completing this fight you’ll be dropped back into the Monastery for some free exploration. Your goal is to track down the elusive Captain’s Quarters so that you can start unlocking Battalions for your characters to use in combat. This powerful mechanic allows certain characters to command these units in battle, so you’ll want to unlock it as soon as possible. To do that though you need to know where the Captain’s Quarters are within the Monastery.

After popping back up in the Monastery and speaking with Jeralt he will task you with finding them. To do so just head to the second floor of the Monastery which can be accessed via the north end of the Reception Hall. Head to the bridge and turn left then go down the hallway to find the stairs on your left. Go up them to get to the upper landing and head right then turn right to go down the small corridor in the middle of the floor. Walk down there a bit and you’ll see the Captain’s Quarters icon glowing on your left.

Hopefully this helps answer the question of where are the Captain’s Quarters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you have any trouble finding it still let us know in the comments below.

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