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Fortbyte #37 Location Found Inside a Disaster Bunker Basement in Pleasant Park

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #37 has been added to the Fortnite Map and this collectible has players searching out a disaster bunker basement found in Pleasant Park.  There are no other requirements to getting this Fortbyte other than finding the bunker basement.

The Bunker Basement is located on the north side of Pleasant Park.  It is in the basement of the building that is located right in the middle of the north side of the area.  Use the map or video below to find the exact location of Fortbyte #37.

Fortbyte #37 Map


The fastest way into the bunker is to use the bunker entrance which is in front of the house.  You’ll notice a tree with a weird base to it that looks fake.  This is the bunker entrance. Just smash the tree and the green boards that cover the entrance and then smash the entrance below to gain access to the bunker.  Once inside you can pick up the item which is next to the vending and ice machine in the basement.

During Season 9 in Fortnite there will be 100 Fortbytes released to collect and earn.  Some will have different challenges associated with them like reaching a certain rank or completing specific activities, while others will require you find them on the map.  If you’re having trouble tracking them all down you can find the locations of all Fortbytes in the Fortnite Wiki below, or in this Fortbyte locations guide.

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