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Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Challenge — Dance at Beach Party Locations

Look for the snow cone trucks at each location.

by William Schwartz


The Days of Summer event has kicked off in Fortnite and each day players will get a chance to complete new challenges for unique rewards.  The first challenge is to dance at the six beach party locations across the Fortnite map.  This challenge just requires that you find the beach party areas on the map and do a dance while close by.

You can use the map below to find all six beach party locations.  The beach party locations will all have similar things at them.  They’ll have a snow cone truck, some balloons, lawn chairs, and likely some other players.  Once you find the location just pop your dance move and you’ll see the challenge notification immediately.


There is no requirement that these need to be done in different matches, so plot your course and knock out more than of these in every match and it shouldn’t take long to claim your reward for this first challenge during the Days of Summer event.

Dance at all six of the beach party locations during this 14 Days of Summer Event and you’ll unlock the Deep End Rare Emote dance.  If you complete all of the 14 Days of Summer Challenges in Fortnite you will get the Smoothie Back Bling which is part of the Bunker Days set.

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