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Fortnite Apple Locations – Where to Find Apples

Score extra prizes in the Free Fortnite Cup

by Diego Perez


The Free Fortnite Cup is currently underway, and kills and victory royales aren’t the only things you can do to win in this tournament. While kills and wins are the primary points earners in most Fornite tournaments, eating apples is another viable way toward victory in the Free Fortnite Cup. This is another obvious jab at Apple, which seems to be the whole theme of the tournament. Getting enough points will earn you the Tart Tycoon skin, but eating enough apples can win you prizes like game consoles, laptops, and phones.

Where to Find Apples in Fortnite

Apples can be found all over the Fortnite map, but there are a few places where you can find a bunch of apples just laying around. Because apples are such a coveted commodity during the Free Fortnite Cup, be careful when landing at these locations. They’ll likely be filled with enemy players that are after the same prizes as you are. These are the best places to find apples in Fortnite.

The Orchard


This is your best bet for finding apples in Fortnite, but it’s also one of the most highly contested drop zones for the Free Fortnite Cup. Everyone who wants to win the apple-eating prizes is bound to land here at least once, so be prepared to fight. You can find several apples all over the place, so you should be able to grab a few while everyone else is shooting at each other.

North of Pleasant Park


There are a few buildings to the north of Pleasant Park that have some apples nearby. Look near the trees where the white marker is one of the map above, and then search around the blue marker on the map to find even more apples.

South of The Authority


There are usually a few apples that spawn just south of The Authority in the center of the map. There are a fair amount of apples here, and you can make your way to another apple spawn location after clearing it out thanks to its central location.

Southeast of Frenzy Farm


Frenzy Farm is one of the best places to find apples. The apple orchard mentioned above is just to the north of Frenzy Farm, and there’s another apple spawn location that’s just southeast of the farm. Head to the tree marked on the map above to find a decent amount of apples.

Northeast of Holly Hedges


By the pond northeast of Holly Hedges, you can find a handful of apples. It’s a quiet spot that not a lot of people know about, so you shouldn’t run into much trouble there. Still, everyone’s on the lookout for apples during the tournament, so keep your guard up.

Fortnite Apple Eating Prizes

If you are one of the players with the most apples eaten during the tournament session or the most apples eaten during a single match in your region, then you’ll be eligible to win gaming hardware. Here’s a full list of prizes.

  • Alienware Gaming Laptop®
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7®
  • OnePlus 8®
  • PlayStation 4 Pro®
  • Xbox One X®
  • Nintendo Switch®

For the full list of rules and prizes, check out the official Free Fortnite Cup rules.

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