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Fortnite Chilly Gnome Locations Season 7 Week 6 Challenge

Follow the shivering laughter.

by William Schwartz


Finding Chilly Gnomes is one of the challenges in Season 7 Week 6 in Fortnite.  To complete the Chilly Gnome challenge you will need to find and examine seven different Chilly Gnomes.  These are exactly what they sound like.  They are gnomes that are cold because they are stuck in a block of ice.  There are eight gnomes and they can all be found in the snowy region of the Fortnite map.  When you’re close to one you will be able to hear them shivering and laughing.  Using the guide below you can find all of the Chilly Gnomes and complete the Week 6 challenges for Season 7 in Fortnite.

Chilly Gnome Locations Fortnite


House in the Woods – North of Frosty Flights

North of Frosty Flights there is a cabin that is surrounded by trees.  This is the location of one of the frozen gnomes.  Clear out some trees to get a better look and then once you get close to the gnome you will hear him shivering in the block of ice.


Frozen Lake – North of Polar Peak

In the Frozen Lake where there are a number of houses submerged in the ice you will find another Chilly Gnome.  To easily find this Gnome just head to the house in the south east corner of the frozen lake and look behind it to find the Gnome.


Under the big tree – south of Shifty Shafts

There’s a big tree on a hill south of Shift Shafts.  Under this tree you will find another Chilly Gnome.


Tents near Polar Peak

On the east side of the Polar Peak mountain you will find a group of tents, a fire pit, part of the castle and another Chilly Gnome.


Cave – West of Happy Hamlet

You can access the Cave west of Happy Hamlet in a couple of different ways.  You can either go in from the top or go in from the side.  Either way, once you’re inside you’ll find a structure as well as some old bones and Chilly Gnome shivering away in the corner.


Viking Ship – East Side of Viking Area

Head to the Viking Ship to the south east of Snobby Shores and then go to snowy area on the east side of the ship.  You’ll find a rock structure and a Chilly Gnome.


Titled Towers Overlook – South of Tilted Towers

Atop the tall overlook that allows you to look down on Tilted Towers you will find another Chilly Gnome planted in the snow alongside a camper at the ridge of the overlook.


Big Ice Face – East of Happy Hamlet

To the east of Happy Hamlet you will find another Chilly Gnome.  This one is out in plainsight at the foot of a small hill that can best be described as looking like a face.

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