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Fortnite Clock Locations How to Complete Challenge

You might be able to get them all in one match if you hustle.

by William Schwartz


One of the Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 Challenges has players tracking down three different clocks on the Fortnite map. This challenges is worth 5 Battle Stars and it’s pretty easy to do if you know where the clocks are located on the map. This guide will explain where each clock is and how to get to it to complete the challenge.

Clock #1 – Happy Hamlet

The clock in Happy Hamlet is actually on the side of a building. You’ll need to get up to it, because being on the ground next to it doesn’t complete the challenge. You can either build your way up to the clock or you can get inside the building, which will also trigger the challenge banner.


Clock #2 – Neo Tilted

This clock is located at the top of a building. It’s a holographic clock that is spinning around the top of this building in the southwest corner of the map. You’ll need to get on top of this building to complete this stage of the challenge. Landing just under the clock on the top of the building will trigger the challenge completed banner.


Clock #3 Junk Junction

The clock in Junk Junction is located near the southwest wall of the junk yard. The clock is laying up against the wall so you just need to walk next to it to complete this leg of the challenge.

With all of these clocks, if someone destroys it with their pickaxe, you will not be able to collect it.

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