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Fortnite Durrr Burger Kitchen Location: How to Dance in the Durrr Burger Kitchen

Bust a move in the kitchen to complete this challenge.

by Diego Perez


The latest set of Fortnite challenges has arrived, and one of the new weekly challenges requires you to dance in the Durrr Burger kitchen. Durrr Burger is a restaurant that has been a staple of the Fortnite map since Chapter 1, but the establishment looks a bit different now than it used to back then. It’s not marked on the map, so you won’t know where to go unless you’ve been there before. Once you locate the restaurant, however, you can complete this challenge easily and earn a nice chunk of experience for the Season 6 Battle Pass. Here’s where to dance in the Durrr Burger kitchen in Fortnite.

Where to Dance at Durrr Burger Kitchen in Fortnite

Durrr Burger is located in the southwest region of the map between Slurpy Swamp and Holly Hedges. The road that passes between these two locations will lead you right to it.


Once you arrive at the restaurant, walk inside and make your way behind the counter. From there, simply use an emote to dance and complete the challenge. Like most dancing challenges, the emote you use does not matter. Any emote will fulfill the criteria and complete the challenge as long as you do it in the right location. Keep in mind that you have to dance in the Durrr Burger kitchen, not just anywhere in the restaurant. If you emote out in the seating area or in the basement, the challenge won’t complete.


Once you complete this challenge, you’ll earn 24,000 experience for the Season 6 Battle Pass. There are plenty of other challenges to work on this week, including collecting research books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park. If you’re still catching up on challenges from earlier this season, check out our guides on how to defeat Glyph Master Raz or how to get the Neymar Jr. skin.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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