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Fortnite Fortbyte #100 Found on the Highest Floor in the Tallest Building in Neo Tilted

The tallest building is on the north side of Neo Tilted.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #100 has been added to the Fortnite map and this one has players looking for the tallest building in Neo Tilted to collect it.  You won’t need anything special to get Fortbyte #100, simply head to Neo Tilted and search for the tallest building to collect this item.

Head for the north side of the building to hop in the window quickly

So which one is the tallest building in Neo Tilted?  This would be the building in the image above.  Simply approach from the north and then hop in the window in the picture above and you will see Fortbyte #100 sitting in the corner.

Since there are no other requirements for collecting this item, you can simply walk up to it and collect it when you find it.  Fortbyte #100 can then be seen in the Challenges > Fortbytes tab to see which piece of the puzzle it reveals.

There will be 100 Fortbytes released during the course of Season 9 in Fortnite.  Collecting 90 of them will unlock the Singularity Skin, which will have four different styles to collect on the map.  If you’re looking to track down all some of these Fortbytes, head over to our complete list of all Fortbyte locations for Fortnite Season 9. 

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