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Fortnite Fortbyte #14 — Found Within an RV Park

The RV Park is just east of the Mega Mall

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #14 has been added to the Fortnite Map and this one has players looking for an RV park to track down another piece of the mysterious Fortbyte puzzle.  Since there are no other requirements needed from the player other than finding the RV Park in the clue, you can simply walk up to it and grab it when you find it.

This Fortbyte is between Mega Mall and Lonely Lodge

The RV Park that you are looking for is northeast of the Mega Mall, almost exactly between the mall and Lonely Lodge.  In this unnamed area is where you’ll find the RV Park.  The RV Park is actually right smack dab in the middle of this small town outside of the Mega Mall area.

When you get to this area, you’re going to look for all of the trees in the middle of it.  Fortbyte #14 is underneath all of the big trees, right next to a green RV.


Since there are no other requirements you can simply collect the Fortbyte.  Once you do, you can check out which piece of the mysterious puzzle it reveals by heading into the Challenges > Fortbytes tab where you’ll see a huge 100-piece puzzle.  New Fortbytes are being added everyday throughout Season 9.  We’ve compiled a complete a list of all the available Fortbytes that you can grab on the Fortnite map.  Check out this guide for all Fortbyte locations if you need help finding any of them.

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