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Fortnite Fortbyte #2 — Found Hidden Within Loading Screen #6

The building with the holographic clock in Neo Tilted is your target.

by William Schwartz


The latest Fortbyte has been added to the Fortnite map, and this one has players using Loading Screen #6 to track down the collectible. The loading screen above holds the clues needed to find Fortbyte #2. Other than using the clues and finding the item, there are no requirements to getting this puzzle piece. The loading screen in question is clearly a picture from the rooftops of the Neo Tilted area, and this is where you’re going to head to snag Fortbyte #2.

Fortbyte #2 is located on the rooftops of Neo Tilted

There are a number of different rooftops at the Neo Titled area, but you can use the map below to find the exact one.  The rooftop you are looking for is going to be on the southern side of Neo Tilted and there’s going to be a tower on the top of the building with rotating numbers that look like a clock.  Across from the building you will find a big construction crane as well.


Since there are no other requirements, like using a specific skin or using an emote, you can simply land at the location in the image above and add this Fortbyte to your collection.  Across the course of Season 9 in Fortnite 100 Fortbytes are available to unlock.  We’ve compiled a series of guide that will show you the location of each one.  Check out the Fortnite Wiki at the bottom of this page for all of those locations or head to our guide for help with all of the currently available Fortbytes in Fortnite.

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