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Fortnite Fortbyte #59 — Accessible with Durr Emoji Inside Pizza Pit Restaurant

Don't forget the emoticon on your way to Mega Mall.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #59 has been added to the Fortnite map and this collectible has players heading to the Pizza Pit restaurant to perform an emote, according to the clue.  To get this Fortbyte and another piece towards the 90 needed to unlock the Singularity skin, you’re gonna need to find this location and have progressed to a certain tier in Season 9.  This guide will explain how to get the Durr Emoji and where to find the Pizza Pit Restaurant to get Fortbyte #59.

To get the Durr Emoji, you’re going to have to have progressed to at least level 53 in the Battle Pass.  This is one of the tiered rewards in the Season 9 Battle Pass, so you’ll only be able to grab Fortbyte #59 if you have the emote.  Once you’ve got it, it’s on to the Pizza Pit to collect the reward.

Pizza Pit is located at the Mega Mall


The Pizza Pit Restaurant is located at the newly revamped Mega Mall location.  The Pizza Pit is one of the most easily recognized areas of the Mega Mall because of the giant holographic tomato head on the roof of the building.  Just plot your course for the Mega Mall and then swoop into the Pizza Pit.  Once inside the restaurant you’re gonna want to head downstairs to the bottom floor, behind the counters an into the kitchen area of the Pizza Pit.

Once you’re there, just pop the Durr Emoticon at the Fortbyte and it’ll become unlocked and you’ll be able to collect it.  After you do, it will reveal a new piece of the Fortbyte puzzle, which you can keep track of in the Challenges tab of the main menu.

There are 100 Fortbytes in all and many of them are hidden across the Fortnite map.  We’ve compiled a list of all the available Fortbytes that are currently in Fortnite if you want to track them all down.

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