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Fortnite Fortbyte #89 — Accessible by flying the Scarlet Strike Glider through the Rings East of Snobby Shores

Head between the viking village and Snobby Shores and look for triangle rings.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #89 has been added to the Fortnite map and this puzzle piece once again asks players to fly through a set of rings on the map to unlock it.  Alongside finding these rings, players will also need to have a Battle Pass item unlocked to do it.  The Challenge asks players to fly through rings on the east side of Snobby Shores will using the Scarlet Strike glider.  This glider is a uncommon glider that can only be unlocked through completing the Season 9 Battle Pass up to Tier 39.

Once you’ve got the Scarlet Strike glider unlocked you’ll need to equip it and then head out to the Battle Bus to get ready to drop above Snobby Shores.  More specifically, you’re going to want to head in-between the east side of Snobby Shores and the Viking Village to the south.  The Viking Village is the one with the viking ship on top of the mountain.  If you don’t have the Scarlet Strike glider equipped when you attempt this, you won’t even see the Triangular rings that you need to glide through so make sure you do.


There will be three triangle rings to glide through and once you reach the last one you will see Fortbyte #89.  After snagging the item you can then head back into the Challenges > Fortbytes tab to see which piece of the puzzle has been revealed.  Keep collecting Fortbytes and you’ll unlock a mystery skin when you’ve collected 90 of them via the Utopia Challenges.

Looking to track down more Fortbytes?  We’ve compiled a list of every available Fortbyte and how to get them in Fortnite.  Head over to our guide for every Fortbyte location available in the game.

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