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Fortnite Hidden O – Search Hidden O in Open Water Loading Screen

Head to Craggy Cliffs once you've completed the challenges.

by William Schwartz


The second mission in Fortnite Chapter 2 has been released and completing 8 challenges within the Open Water mission will get you a new loading screen.  Like the previous mission, there is a challenge to find a hidden letter in the loading screen.  This time it’s the Hidden O in Fortnite.

What you’re looking for is an O hidden in the loading screen above.  If you’ve looked and can’t find it, it’s actually under the house in the center of the image.  If you look closely you can see a faint green O hidden in the loading screen.  This is actually under the main house on the shore of Craggy Cliffs.  The O is going to be located exactly where it is in the loading screen.  To get the hidden O to show up on the map you actually have to have completed the 8 challenges in the Open Water Mission.  If you try to go to this location before you have unlocked the loading screen the O will not appear.

If you head to this area you will find a path underneath the house on the coast, and on that path you will find the O tucked away in a corner.  You will need to go up to the O once you’ve found it and then interact with it to collect the O in FORTNITE.   With each new Mission in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 you will get a chance to unlock new loading screens with hidden letters on them.  Collecting them all will be part of a challenge that will unlock a mystery reward.

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