Fortnite: How to Earn Points in Horde Rush Fast

by Robert Rohm


Created by Epic Games, Horde Rush is Fortnite’s new event game mode where you squad up with 4 friends to take on unending waves of sideways monsters.  The new event item Thinking Juice, which is locked behind the Earn 2,000,000 Team Points challenge associated with the Horde Rush mode just released for the new Fortnitemares event  

So, in order to unlock this rare and exclusive back bling, you need to pull all the tricks out of the bag.  Achieving that many points in a single horde rush mode are no simple feat. The mode is a real challenge to do by yourself or with Randoms. Competent friends and a little bit of luck are necessary to earn points in Horde Rush fast.  

How to Earn Points in Horde Rush Fast in Fortnite

Loot and Shoot Everything

This one is the easiest to get started on. Any downtime you have not eliminating Cube Monsters you need to spend looting. Each chest and ammo box opened nets you 500xp, meaning a skilled player can quickly start racking up the point without having to fire a single shot. Past that, accuracy and good loot are key.  


Upgrading your sideways weapons is a must if you want the most damage out of the bullets you going to be spending. Also, pick up one of the many gliders that spawn at the start of the match. One of these will be vital to your survival later. Keep an eye out for two specific weapons to drop. The Sideways Scythe, a new event weapon launched with Fortnitemares, and the Dual Crossbows. 

 If you aren’t aware the dual crossbows do double damage versus all Cube Monsters for the duration of Fortnitemares, and the scythe is self-explanatory with its large attack radius it is an excellent tool for clearing large swaths of mobs a building your score combos which leads me to the next tip.  

Score Multipliers & Combos

This one tip might be the most useful in your quests. Score Multipliers are collectible items that will drop throughout the match during the endless waves of Cube Monsters attacking you, but collecting these bad boys is worth the damage it takes to pick them up. When collected they destroy every Cube Monster around you giving you a little breathing space, and they double the number of points you gain from kills and combos.  

Kill the Final Boss

This is the final and most important thing you can do to cross the 2-million-point threshold to get the exclusive Thinking Juice back bling. The boss, The Caretaker is no joke. From the moment he spawns time is against you as the storm starts shrinking forcing you into the boss danger zone. 


The boss has 3 main attacks. The two close-range attacks are most responsible for players’ deaths in Horde Rush. His laser attack is the least dangerous of his three attacks since it’s the easiest to dodge and has the most telegraphing warning of its immanency.  

His two shockwaves knock-back attacks don’t do much damage but their real damage is how far they fling you into the storm so building up to avoid these is a must. The glider you’ve been carrying since the start of the match will keep you from falling to death when your building is inevitably smashed through by the mobs and boss.  

Besides that, he follows simple video game rules. Shoot the large glowing spots on his back and chest for double damage. A maxed-out sideways minigun or dual crossbows are the best tools for maximizing your damage against the big bad. His defeat will net you an extra 100k points to your total so far in the match and should be just enough to put you and your friends over the 2 million points threshold. 

Fortnite is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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