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Fortnite – How To Get New Winterfest Challenges

Bug preventing some from getting challenges.

by Dean James


It feels like Fortnite is always having some sort of event going on, with a couple having been going on as of recent. The Star Wars event got the most promotion for sure, but there has also been the ongoing Winterfest Challenge. There are challenges associated with the Winterfest Challenge event and this guide will explain how you can access these, especially when a bug may seem to be preventing you from doing so.

How To Get New Winterfest Challenges

To start, load up Fortnite until you get to the main menu screen that offers options such as Play and more. From the default Play, navigate to the next tab by pressing the respective button on each platform, which happens to be in the shape of a snowflake. This will have a screen that says “Winterfest Presents” and an option to “Visit Lodge,” so press the respective button here to enter the lodge.

Once inside the lodge, you can interact with a few different things, including the nutcracker sitting in a chair, the Christmas tree with presents, separate presents, or a stocking hanging on the mantle.

To access the new daily challenges for Winterfest, you’re going to want to select the stocking and interact with it. Hold the button for your specific platform to open the stocking and you will receive a stocking full of new challenges to take on while Winterfest is ongoing.

Some players have had problems where the stocking would be empty though. To fix this, either restart the entire game or play a match and go back after and it should be fixed.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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