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Fortnite – How To Get Star Wars Millennium Falcon Glider

The fastest ship in the galaxy.

by Dean James


The Star Wars franchise is full of iconic characters that we love, but there is a certain ship that is just as beloved by people, the Millennium Falcon. Starting as Han Solo’s ship in the original movie and recently showing back up in the sequel trilogy, the Millennium Falcon is one of the most well known parts of the series. As a result, it made perfect sense to see the ship somehow included in the recent Fortnite tie-in as a glider and this guide will explain just how you can get access to the fastest ship in the galaxy in Fortnite.

How To Get Star Wars Millennium Falcon Glider

Gliders are important in Fortnite for how they get you into a match, but the different options you have when it comes to gliders are just for aesthetics only. That means you are going to want to find a glider you like for its design rather than having to worry about stats, and how can you get any cooler than the Millennium Falcon?

If you want the Millennium Falcon glider in Fortnite, you better act fast while the Winterfest event is still ongoing. This is a reward you can get quite easily as part of the event by doing the following.

Start off by loading up Fortnite until you reach the main menu. Once you get to the main menu, move over to the snowflake shaped tab, which you can used to go to the Lodge by pressing another button.

Once in the Lodge, you will see lots of things you can interact with all around you, including multiple presents. All the presents on the left are just square and rectangle shaped, but the one we are interested in is located on the right side.

Look for one wrapped in blue in a certain shape you should recognize, as it’s literally the Millennium Falcon wrapped up in the wrapping paper. Select this one and open it and you can instantly add the Millennium Falcon glider to your collection.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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