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Fortnite – How to Get the Singularity Skin

It's time to start collecting if you want this skin.

by William Schwartz


A new skin has been revealed for Fortnite Season 9.  The Singularity Skin is a green futuristic suit worn by a female Fortnite combatant.  So how do get the Singularity Skin?  It has been revealed that the Singularity Skin will be available for those who’ve been dilligently tracking down the Fortbyte puzzle pieces during Season 9 in Fortnite.

Unlock the other Season 9 skins, for Vendetta, Demi, Stratus, Vega, Bunker Jonesy, Rox, and Sentinel, this latest skin isn’t tied to a Battle Pass level.  To unlock this skin you need to collect the Fortbyte puzzle pieces that have been being released on a daily basis.  The requirement to unlock the Singularity Skin is that you collect 90/100 of the Fortbytes.

This is easier said than done as there are a ton of them to track down.  Some you can drop into the map and grab with no problems, others require that you have different emotes or skins equipped, while others are tied to reaching certain XP milestones or completing a set number of weekly challenges.

If you’re trying to get the Singularity Skin in Fortnite, we can help you track down all of the Fortbytes that are tucked away on the Fortnite map.  Check out this complete Fortbyte locations guide and start tracking these puzzle pieces down all over the game.   With only a few more weeks in Season 9, time is running out to track down all of the new Fortbyte puzzle pieces.

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