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Fortnite How to Score 10+ on Carnival Cloud Board

Start the game and smash the balloons quickly

by William Schwartz


The Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Event is currently going in the game, and each day players get new challenges to unlock unique items.  The most recent challenge is to get a score of 10 or more on a Carnival Clown Board.  To complete this challenge you have to play a mini-game at one of the beach party locations in Fortnite.  Once you find one, simply walk up to the Carnival Clown Board and interact with it to begin the game.

Carnival Clown Board Locations


You can find the Clown Boards at all of the Beach Party Locations.  If you’ve completed any of the other challenges for the Summer event, you should know where some of these are.  There are locations near Lazy Lagoon, north of Loot Lake, at Dusty Divot, near Neo Tilted, and two west of Paradise Palms.  You can use the map below to find them:

Once you are playing the game you want to smash the balloons with your pickaxe as quickly as possible to score the most points.  The balloons will pop up through the holes on the board and you simply must wack them as quickly as possible.

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