Fortnite: Shuffled Shrines Main Chamber Puzzle Solution and Secret Door Location

Here's how to access the main chamber of the new Shuffled Shrines POI.

by Diego Perez


Shuffled Shrines is the newest POI in Fortnite, and this Indiana Jones-themed location has a secret main chamber that can only be accessed by solving a special puzzle. This puzzle has a randomized solution that changes every round, so you’ll actually have to put on your adventurer cap and do some digging if you want to get into the main chamber and see what loot awaits you inside. It’s a tough one, especially when swarmed with enemy players, but it’s manageable once you know what to look for. Here’s how to solve the Shuffled Shrines puzzle and open the main chamber in Fortnite.

How to Open the Shuffled Shrines Main Chamber in Fortnite

Shuffled Shrines is a new POI located to the east of Rocky Reels, and there’s a secret door hiding treasures for clever players to find. The secret door in Shuffled Shrines can be found in the center of the location. It’s a locked stone door shaped like an angry face, and in front of it are four pillars with strange colored symbols on each side. To open the door, you have to rotate each pillar so they display the correct symbols like a password.

The catch is that the correct sequence of symbols changes each round. These four stone pillars will always be in front of the door, but the password will change every time you load into a match. Thankfully, there’s a key that you can follow.

Where to Find the Shuffled Shrines Puzzle Solution

Throughout Shuffled Shrines are four rocks bearing the same icons that can be found on the pillars. These rocks are the solution to the puzzle, showing you which symbols to display on the pillars in order to open the gate. In order, they can be found:

  1. Underground to the southwest
  2. To the northwest of the main chamber
  3. Near a red tent to the northeast
  4. Underneath a platform to the east of the main chamber.

You can see the locations of all four rocks marked on the map below.


These rocks have glowing white lights next to them and make a humming sound when you get close to them, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. The locations of these rocks does not change between rounds either, so you can revisit the same spots every time to learn the solution to the puzzle. Once you find a rock, make note of the symbol. You’ll need to remember it for the main chamber puzzle.


Once you’ve found all four rocks, return to the door to the main chamber. Rotate all four pillars until they display the symbols from the rocks you found. Remember, they have to be in the right order. The southwestern symbol is first, followed by the northwestern symbol, the northeastern symbol, and finally the eastern symbol.

How to Find the Secret Door Past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines

Once you input the correct sequence of symbols, the door to the main chamber will open. Continue inside to face your next set of obstacles.

The entrance hall is filled with arrow traps triggered by the brown tiles on the floor. Avoid these by treading carefully. If you have full health and shields, you can also survive the arrows if you sprint directly down the hallway, but this is not recommended unless you’re being chased by other players.

At the end of the hall is a golden Tomatohead relic, but don’t pick it up. Instead, look to your right and you’ll find a hidden path blocked by some vines on the wall. There are some chests on the other side of the wall, so listen for the chest sound if you’re having trouble finding the opening.

Break down the wall to enter the secret room. Not only will you get the loot from the two chests, but you’ll also complete an Indiana Jones challenge and unlock the Indy’s Escape spray.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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