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Fortnite Spray Can Locations – Season X

Snag spraycans at these locations to complete this challenge.

by William Schwartz


The new Fortnite Spray and Pray Challenges have arrived and one of the challenges has players tracking down paint cans littered across the Fortnite map. These cans can be found in different locations, and you’ll know you’re close when you see the graffiti on the walls.

You can use the map and video below to find the paint cans to complete this challenge.

Spray Can Locations in Fortnite

Map of Spray Cans in Fortnite


1) Junk Junction


On the north side of Junk Junction you’ll find the grafitti mark that indicates a spray can is nearby.  Search the trash pile on the other side of the fence.

2) South of The Block


South of the block you’ll find an area with an umbrella shaped hole dug out in the ground.  Head into this area to find spray can #2.

3) Shifty Shafts


The spray can in Shifty Shafts is a little bit hidden as it is behind a breakable wall.  Head into the mine from the west side near the trucks and then turn immediately left once inside.  You should be able to see the graffiti through the walls.  Break the walls, head inside and then the spray can should be tucked away in the corner.

4) Fatal Fields


On the east side of Fatal Fields you’ll find another graffiti location and a paint can tucked in a small cave.

5) Paradise Palms


South of Paradise Palms is a small junkyard.  On the back of the junkyard you’ll find another graffiti icon and a spray can on the nearby tree.

6) Abandoned Mansion


You’ll find it downstairs in the cave facing the cliffside.  In this hangar area you will find the graffiti icon and the paint can is below the staircase.

 7) Lava Cave


Just inside the lava cave on the first pillar under the graffiti sign you’ll find the spraycan.

8) Ice Waterfall


The bottom of the waterfall under the Viking Village has another graffiti sign and the spray can is located on a nearby tree.

9) Disco Warehouse



On the backside of the Disco you’ll find a tent, a campfire, and a container with graffiti on it.  The spray can is located here.

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