Fortnite Transformers Pack: Release Date, Skins, and Bundle Contents

Here is everything you need to know for the Transformers pack in Fortnite!

by Christian Bognar
Fortnite Transformers Pack
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is not new to the idea of collaborating with famous franchises. Transformers, a household name, is coming to the popular battle royale game, and it includes a ton of content to keep fans happy. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Transformers pack, including release date, cost, and everything included.

Fortnite Transformers Pack Release Date

According to the official Fortnite website, the Transformers pack physical edition will be available for the community at retail on October 13, 2023. As for the digital copy, it will be released on October 21, 2023, just a week after the release of the physical version.

Fortnite Transformers Pack Price

Epic Games has confirmed that the Transformers pack for Fortnite will cost players $24.99. This information comes from the official Fortnite website, and it clearly states that it does not include tax costs.

If you want a physical copy, you can easily claim it on October 13 at gaming retailers. As for digital copies, players can purchase it from the console storefronts on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. The Transformers pack can also be bought from the Epic Games store online when available for digital on October 21.

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Everything Included in the Fortnite Transformers Pack

Image: Epic Games

The Transformers pack for Fortnite includes tons of great content focused on the famous characters from the franchise. Below is a compiled list of what to expect inside the Transformers pack.

  • Bumblebee Outfit
  • Bumblebee’s Wings Back Bling
  • Stinger Sword Pickaxe
  • Megatron Outfit
  • Decepticon Emblem Back Bling
  • Energon Mace Pickaxe
  • Fortnite BattleBus Outfit
  • Bot Air Balloon Back Bling
  • Pick Axle Pickaxe
  • 1,000 V-bucks

Transformers Pack Bumblebee Skin and Contents

Probably the most recognizable name in the Transformers universe is Bumblebee. Check out the contents of Bumble Bee in the Transformers pack below!

Image: Epic Games

Transformers Pack Megatron Skin and Contents

Here’s Megatron, arguably the best character out of the entire Transformers universe.

Image: Epic Games

Transformers Pack Battlebus Skin and Contents

Lastly, we got a new Transformer called “Battlebus.” This big guy isn’t part of the Transformers series, but having the Battlebus from Fortnite turn into a Transformer is a great idea!

Image: Epic Games

Transformers isn’t the only crossover Epic Games has in store, as it is gearing up for its Fortnitemares 2023 celebration. Check out our guides for Alan Wake and Michael Myers, who are coming to Fortnite soon!

- This article was updated on October 11th, 2023

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