Full Dead Island 2 DLC and Updates Roadmap

Everything planned for Deepsilver's latest zombie game.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 features an expansion pass where players can access any future DLC Deepsilver Dambuster Studios releases for the game. But what will these future DLC entail? Read on to find out everything we know regarding the Dead Island 2 DLC roadmap and updates planned.

Dead Island 2 Future DLC and Update Roadmap

At the time of writing, the only confirmation of a release date for DLC for Dead Island 2 is the pre-order bonus character packs — set to release this Summer, 2023. These character packs will be available to anyone who pre-ordered the game’s Deluxe, Gold, and Hell-A editions. You can check out the tweet from the official Dead Island Twitter account below.

Besides the character packs, there is no official release date or release window for when the community should expect the the rest of the DLC for Dead Island 2. Considering the character packs are set for this Summer, it is a possibility that we see the forthcoming DLC of the expansion pass come out around this time.

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What Will be Included in the Future DLC?

As we wait for an official release date, we can look at the Xbox Game Store. The store details the DLC that will be included in the expansion pass, and it mentions that there will be two new chapters for players to enjoy. There’s no way to tell whether these stories will be side-content or push the main story further.

The Xbox Game Store also mentions that the expansion pass will bring new foes, weapons, abilities, and areas of Hell-A for players to explore. So if you are looking to expand your inventory and add abilities to your build, purchase the expansion pack so you are ready for when it officially releases.

It has been confirmed that Saints Row provides a crossover cosmetic pack with Dead Island 2 — although it will only feature in the Saints Row game. It was released on April 21, 2023, so if you want some more Dead Island 2, go ahead and boot up Saints Row and get those cosmetics downloaded immediately!

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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