The Best Blueprints, Mods, and Perks in Dead Island 2

Increase the effectiveness of your weapons with these add-ons!

by Christian Bognar
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Dead Island 2 has some insane weapons, and there’s no doubt about that. What’s so great about all these weapon types is that players can improve them through mods, perks, and blueprints. Mods are used to make your weapon have an elemental effect, while perks will improve the overall effectiveness of the gun Lastly, blueprints are used to create new types of ammo for a specific gun. Using the best of these three categories can make all your weapons ten times deadlier. Here are the best blueprints, mods, and perks in Dead Island 2.

The Best Dead Island 2 Blueprints, Mods, and Perks

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

It is important to remember that Dead Island 2 allows a lot of customization to increase damage efficiency, meaning that perks or mods that did not make this list can still be helpful. These selections below are the most useful in most situations the game throws at you.

Best Blueprints in Dead Island 2

While only six unlockable blueprints are found in Dead Island 2, four standouts here are considered the strongest and most useful against all enemy types. These blueprints include Shotgun Shells, Heavy Rounds, Nailgun Cartridges, and Med Kits. Below are what these four blueprints do.

  • Heavy Rounds – High caliber rounds for a revolver or hunting rifle.
  • Nailgun Cartridge – Standardized nail cartridges for use in industrial nail guns.
  • Shotgun Shells – 12-guage buckshot cartridges for shotguns.
  • Med Kit – A medical kit filled with bandages, Sterile Wipes, and all medical essentials. This item will also boost health on use and remove all status effects.

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Best Mods in Dead Island 2

Mods can increase your damage output tenfold by adding an elemental effect to your bullets or melee weapon. There are many great mods in Dead Island 2, but only four are considered the best due to their effect on enemy zombies. These include Cremator Mod, Electrucutor Mod, Liquidator Mod, and Mutilator Mod. Below is a brief description of why these are so helpful.

  • Cremator Mod – Deals fire damage as well as additional damage to enemies. Successive blows will cause the burn effect, causing more damage to the enemy as time passes.
  • Electrucutor Mod – Electrecutes and deals shock damage to enemies while also granting the player an increase in damage with every strike of the weapon. Continuously striking an enemy with this mod will cause the electrified effect and stun them.
  • Liquidator Mod – Upgrade your weapon to include a chemical spray that deals caustic damage and a damage boost. Continuous successful strikes will cause a melting effect on the enemies — killing them quickly and efficiently.
  • Mutilator Mod – Increases physical damage while applying the weakened effect to any enemy your weapon hits. When an enemy is inflicted with the weakened effect, every hit afterward will replenish stamina leading to more heavy attacks. This is a mod for those who prefer melee over ranged weapons.

Best Perks in Dead Island 2

You can add perks to push your weapon further and add more damage overall. The game has tons of perks, but only a handful really make a name for themselves and can be used to create a devastating build. These include Static Charge Perk, Ferocious Perk, Slaughter Perk, and Tactical Reload. Below you will find why these perks are so great.

  • Static Charge Perk – This perk will allow electricity you cause to spread to other enemies in proximity, regardless of their surroundings. Pairing this with the Electrocutor Mod will have you shocking a room full of zombies, rendering them helpless and unable to move while you take them out.
  • Ferocious Perk – This perk will help you fill up your Fury Mode gauge quicker by killing zombies, where each kill fills up the meter faster than usual. This is huge, considering once you are in Fury Mode, you regain health quickly and take minimal damage.
  • Slaughter Perk – This perk will increase limb damage while slowing the loss of weapon durability. Increasing the limb damage here will have you chopping zombies to pieces much faster, allowing you to bulldoze through hordes. It’s also great that this is unlocked in the early game, so you won’t have to do much to unlock it.
  • Tactical Reload – Designed for those who love to use ranged weapons, this perk will give you a speed boost toward reloading whenever you kill a zombie. This can help tremendously if your preferred weapon has a slow reload speed.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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