The Best Weapons in Dead Island 2, Ranked – Dead Island 2 Weapons Tier List

Which top weapons are truly the best?

by Christian Bognar
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Dead Island 2 has an incredibly high number of weapons and weapon types for players to use and cause destruction against the game’s enemies. While there are so many to choose from, only a chunk of these are considered the best. Ten weapons are fantastic, and players should get their hands on them as soon as possible. In this article, we will go over those ten weapons and put them into a ranked tier list — to show which ones are top dogs.

Ranking the Best Weapons in Dead Island 2

Below you will find a grid of the ten best weapons in Dead Island 2 and which tier they fall into. After the grid, continue reading for a brief description of each weapon and why they are considered a top-tier weapon out of all the options in the game.

S-TierEmma’s Wrath, Big Shot, Party Starter.
A-TierBodycount, Brutalizer, Blood Rage, Wildstyle.
B-TierThe One, Nailgun, Shotgun.

S Tier – Emma’s Wrath, Big Shot, Party Starter

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The S tier includes the best weapons in the game that are considered legendary and challenging to get a hold of — but once you do, zombies will be a cakewalk. First, we have Emma’s Wrath, a sledgehammer that also doubles as a shotgun, allowing you to use both melee and range attacks. The double-sides of this weapon make it simple to clear rooms.

Next, we have Big Shot, which looks like a revolver but shoots off explosive rounds in three bursts, making it a simple tool to kill a small group of zombies. It is a great way to escape in a tight situation, as all you need to do is shoot off the explosives, and the zombies will be gone instantly.

Party Starter is a unique weapon as it is festive — hence the name. It features two brass knuckles with incredible power and surprisingly good range that will knock any enemy off its feet and onto the ground. This is perfect for those who prefer melee weapons over ranged.

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A Tier – Bodycount, Brutalizer, Blood Rage, Wildstyle

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The A tier features weapons that are some of the best in the game but less powerful than the S tier in terms of stats. Let’s review why we believe these weapons are so great. Bodycount is a legendary rifle that offers rapid-fire bullets that cause bleeding damage — making it easy to take on a large horde.

Wildstyle is a unique melee weapon that can act as a flamethrower if appropriately used. It is one of the best fire-based weapons in the game, as it will cause any enemy attacked with it to set on fire, potentially setting everyone around it on fire as well. Watch every enemy burn with the Wildstyle weapon.

The Brutalizer is just like the name implies — it is absolutely brutal. This weapon is a melee weapon that acts like a shotgun and has a contagion effect that allows it to deal damage across large groups of enemies at a fast rate. Every successful hit with the Brutalizer will strengthen the following strike, ending in strikes that can destroy even the biggest enemies in the game.

Lastly, we have Blood Rage in the A tier — a deadly dagger that does incredible bleeding damage. It also includes the “infectious” perk that causes bleeding damage to all enemies in the area once you hit only one zombie with the dagger. This dagger is a great way to watch all the enemies around you slowly fall, and that’s why it is one of the best weapons in the game.

B Tier – The One, Nailgun, Shotgun

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The One fits perfectly in the B tier as it is one of the best weapons in the game, but it only really shines during boss battles. This sword-like melee weapon allows the player to apply the weak effect, making it the perfect companion to use against boss fights. Apply the weak effect and watch the boss slowly die as you continue attacking.

Next, we have the Nailgun, which is one of the best weapons in the game because it allows the player to retrieve its bullets after being shot. This fact alone makes it easy to always have bullets on hand, although finding the nails in dark places or hordes of dead zombies can be challenging. Besides that, the Nailgun has higher base damage than a standard pistol making it the perfect range weapon.

This wouldn’t be a “best weapons in Dead Island 2” list without mentioning the Shotgun at least once. Like any other shooter game, the Shotgun is a powerful gun that deals tons of damage — especially against packs of zombies. If you want to be able to clear out rooms in one fell swoop, the Shotgun should be your go-to. Just remember that shotgun shells are the rarest ammo type in the game, so it may take some extra exploration to make this gun extremely useful.

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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