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Gears 5: How to Open Supply Drops and How to Get More

Want the best Gears 5 loot?

by Kyle Hanson


With the shift in gaming toward a more online multiplayer focus, players find themselves constantly in search of various boxes, crates, or whatever that are full of random cosmetic items. While the Gears series went pretty heavily into the loot crate mechanic in previous entries, they’ve toned down or even fully eliminated them for Gears 5. There are still Supply Drops though, but they’re much more consumer friendly, and players will definitely want to focus on getting as many of them as possible. To help, here’s how to get more Supply Drops in Gears 5. But first, many players wondered how to open Supply Drops in Gears 5…

How to Open Supply Drops

Actually, while the name implies that Supply Drops are like Loot Crates, where players receive them and then have to go into a separate menu to open them, Gears 5 handles it pretty differently. The whole system is handled in the Tour of Duty tab, where you can see your current objectives and potential unlocks. Whenever you receive a Supply Drop through this system, the item will automatically be added to your customization options. No need to fiddle with a crate and open it to see what you receive. You’ll get what it promised, when you unlock it, and it will unlock automatically. As far as how to get more…

How to Get More Supply Drops

The answer is simple: play Gears 5 as much as possible. Yes, the Supply Drops arrive at a pre-determined amount of playtime, sort of. So the more you play, the more you’ll get. And yes, it’s down to the minute, so every match counts, and longer matches won’t hurt you. In fact, if you earn two drops in a match, you’ll get them both once it wraps up. So don’t quit, don’t look for shorter games, just connect to the internet and hop into an online match in any of the available modes.

Of course there is one way to ensure you receive more Supply Drops in Gears 5, but it involves real world money. Within the Gears store there’s a boost that offers double XP, which will also double Supply Drop progression. This can be purchased in increments of 1, 7, and 30 days, so choose wisely. Activate it and you’ll start getting a bunch more Supply Drops in Gears 5.

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