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Gears 5 How to Plant Grenades, Stick Enemies

This tactic is a must know for all Gears players.

by William Schwartz


Whether you’re playing Gears 5 online competitive multiplayer or the cooperative modes, you’ll want to use the stick function for planting grenades.  Sticking grenades in Gears 5 allows you to place a grenade trap using the environment, but you can also stick other players as well.

How to Plant Grenades or Stick Enemies in Gears 5

Xbox Controller: B Button

Press the B button when near an enemy to stick them. Press the B button when next to a wall or other object to plant a grenade.

To do this you will want to have grenades equipped and in your hands.  To equip grenades you press up on the d-pad on the Xbox controller.  Once you have grenades equipped you can plant them by pressing the B button.

Using the B button to stick grenades will allow you to stick the grenade on a wall or other environment object, but it also works on sticking other players as well.  You can stick human controlled opponents or ai controlled enemies by using this method.  If you stick another player, the grenade will blow up after a few seconds.  If you stick the grenade on a wall or floor the grenade explosion will trigger when a player walks by it.

If you do get caught in the blast radius of a grenade that you’ve stuck, you will be injured as well.

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