Genshin Impact 2.8 Release Date: Banners, Leaks, & Everything We Know

Piecing together the next Genshin update that will arrive in due time.

by Weilong Mao


Despite the Version update for 2.7 that came out in the past few days, Some Genshin Impact players already have their eyes set on the banners for 2.8. The reasons are numerous, ranging from interest in the upcoming character Heizou or budgeting for the re-run banners of 5-star characters that they’ve failed to obtain in the past, which means skipping out on the character banners in Version 2.7. This guide will attempt to satisfy the curiosities that players might have regarding patch 2.8 and the content it will likely include, using an aggregate of information sources from official ones to leaks.

What We Know About Genshin Impact 2.8 Banners, Leaks, and Its Release Date

Going by official sources, The patch update for version 2.8 will arrive on the 13th of July. Six weeks after the launch of version 2.7, this follows the regular update cycle that every Genshin patch had aside from 2.7 which suffered a delay.

Regarding events and new areas, leakers and beta-testers have indicated the likelihood of adventures on an archipelago like the summer isles featured back in patch 1.6. Though there haven’t been confirmations regarding whether the islands will stay after patch 2.8 comes to a close. The event correlates with this archipelago and will offer Fischl as a reward to players with a sufficient amount of event currency.

On the topic of characters, numerous leaks have pointed to the release of character skins for both Diluc and Fischl, with Diluc’s skin, in particular, being a five-star rarity skin that will feature new animations and special effects. Which naturally could also lead to the skin being sold at a higher price compared to skins released in the past.

As for banners. While Heizou is more than confirmed to feature in a banner during the patch release of 2.8, it is uncertain when and what characters will accompany him in that banner. There are reasons to believe the release window to be in the first half of the patch, according to data miners.

The above information ties into the last piece of intel dug up by data miners regarding patch 2.8, the release of a hangout quest for Heizou, and a Story Quest for Kazuha. Kazuha will likely return with a re-run banner that may or may not feature Heizou during the version update for 2.8. The reason is that there are assets shown from the 2.8 Beta by testers, where both Kazuha and Heizou have made in-person appearances. 

This about covers all the information that is currently available regarding the contents that will likely appear in version 2.8, Kazuha is a character that many people are awaiting the return of, while the Golden Apple Archipelago was an area that people had grievances with in terms of its removal. And it looks like version 2.8 might be set to tackle both aspects.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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