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Genshin Impact – Albedo Secretum Secretorum Banner Details

Already a better banner than Zhongli's.

by Brandon Adams


Version 1.2 brings with it a new banner to Genshin Impact, Secretum Secretorum, and the marque hero this time around is Albedo, the sword-wielding Geo alchemist. Additionally, the banner contains a trio of potent 4-stars that are not only worth grabbing if you don’t already have them, but great for those who do and want to unlock their Constellations

The Albedo Secretum Secretorum Banner ends January 12th, 2021.

The Albedo Secretum Secretorum is active as of December 23rd to January 12th, which is also the same window in which the Chalk Prince and the Dragon event is live. As with previous banners, Albedo is hard to acquire due to his status as a 5-star, with a meager 0.6% drop-rate. After 90 pulls you are guaranteed a 5-star, but there’s a 50/50 shot it will be Albedo. After your 180th pull you will get Albedo if you haven’t already. 5-stars are pricey, so I recommend using free Primogems for your pulls and crossing your fingers, but if you have to have Albedo then I advise restraint.

Wanting Albedo is understandable: his kit is already more functional and viable than Zhongli’s, who caused a bit of controversy during the last banner when it was discovered his kit didn’t really function without unlocking his Constellations. Seeing as you need duplicates to unlock Constellations and Zhongli is a 5-star, it appeared as if miHoYo were seeing just how far they could go to bait excessive spending. Thankfully, Albedo appears to have been designed as a counter to these complaints, so you won’t have to go nuts trying to farm a duplicate to make him worth your while.

Alongside Albedo are three 4-stars, and one of them is an S-tier character once you unlock his first Constellation. Bennett, Sucrose, and Fischl all make a return, and each are potent characters that compliment a variety of party setups (especially Bennett). You have a 2.550% to pull any of them, which is the same percentage as a 4-star weapon (for a 5.10% chance to pull anything 4-star). Every tenth pull will reward you with something 4-star, and your first 4-star pull in the banner has a 50% chance to be one of these three featured characters. If you don’t pull any of them on that pull, then your next 4-star pull with be one of the featured characters.

Finally, these are the other 5-star characters included in the Secretum Secretorum banner, making your pursuit of Albedo all the more complicated: Mona, Diluc, Keqing, Qiqi, Jean. That means Childe, Venti, Klee, and Zhongli are not available in this banner, nor are they in the standard banner. If you are only here for those four 5-stars then you can safely skip Albedo’s Secretum Secretorum banner.

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