Genshin Impact: Every Character’s Age, Height, and Birthday

Check out the age, height, and birthday of all playable characters!

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Genshin Impact offers players the opportunity to journey together with a wide roster of playable characters. But did you ever wonder what is the age or the height of your favorite character? Well, wonder no more, here’s the age, height, and birthday of all playable characters on Genshin Impact.

The Age, Height, and Birthday of All Playable Characters on Genshin Impact

The ages of the characters are left in the open, with even the title’s manga offering little in that regard. With that said, the values showcased below are based both on the values hinted in the lore and on our own guesses in the matter. The official height of each character was also not revealed, so we used the values revealed by dataminer u/deweweewewe on Reddit. The estimation of the height of the Inazuma characters (+Aloy) was made by taking into account their heights in comparison with the other characters present.

Character Estimated Age Height Birthday
Albedo 17-18 5’3 September 13th
Aloy 18-19 Around 5’3-4 (In Genshin Impact) April 4th
Amber 16-17 5’3 August 10th
Barbara 14-16 5’2 July 5th
Beidou 26-28 5’8 February 14th
Bennett 14-16 5’3 February 29th
Chongyun 16-17 5’4 September 7th
Diluc 20-25 5′ April 30th
Diona 8-10 4’4 January 18th
Eula 20-25 5’8 October 25th
Fischl 16-17 5′ May 27th
Ganyu +3000 5’2 December 2nd
Hu Tao 16-17 5’1 July 15th
Jean  19-23 5’8 March 14th
Kaedehara Kazuha 16-17 Around 5’2 October 29th
Kaeya 20-25 6’1 November 30th
Kamisato Ayaka 16-17 Around 5’1 September 28th
Keqing 17-18 5’1 November 20tg
Klee 8-104 4’1 July 27th
Kujou Sara 18-19 5’4-6 July 14th
Lisa 20-25 5’10 June 9th
Mona 17-18 5’4 August 31st
Ningguang 26-28 5’10 August 26th
Noelle 16-17 5’2 March 21st
Qiqi 8-10 (Appearance) 4’7 March 3rd
Raiden Shogun 25-26 (Appearance) +3000 (Actual)  5’4-6 June 26th
Razor 14-16 5’4 September 9th
Rosaria 23-26 5’9 January 24th
Sangonomiya Kokomi 17-18 5’1 February 22nd
Sucrose 16-17 5’2 October 19th
Sayu 14-16 4’2-4 November 26th
Tartaglia (Childe) 23-25  6’1 July 20th
Aether (Male Traveler) Unknown 5’3 Player’s Choice
Lumine (Female Traveler) Unknown  5’1 Player’s Choice
Venti 14-16 (Appearance) +2,600 (Actual) 5’4 June 16th
Xiangling 16-17 5’1 November 2nd
Xiao 17-18 (Appearance) +2000 (Actual) 5’2 April 17th
Xingqiu 16-17 5’3 October 19th
Xinyan 16-17 5’2 October 16th
Yanfei 17-18 (Appearance) 5’2 July 28th
Yoimiya  16-17 5’1 June 21st
Zhongli  25-28 (Appearance) +6000  (Actual)


6’1 December 31st

Genshin Impact is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices, and PC.

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