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Genshin Impact: Fertilizer… Salesperson? World Quest Guide

Master the manure in this new quest.
Genshin Impact Fertilizer Game

Of all the quests in the new 2.1 update of Genshin Impact, the ‘Fertilizer… Salesperson?’ World Quest is by far the most unique and the trickiest to find. Here you can find your way to this fun challenge and complete it in just a few steps for some extra XP and Inazuma Reputation.

You can find the quest in Bourou Village, to the south of Watatsumi Island. When you’re there, start looking for a lone farmer in the middle of a field of crops. The man is Iwata, and he needs your help with some fertilizer. However, unless you’ve fulfilled specific requirements, this task won’t be available, so read on to find out how you can get your hands dirty.

How to Unlock Fertilizer… Salesperson?


You’ll have to complete the first part of Kokomi’s Dracaena Somnolenta Story Quest to access this quest. You may not have even noticed this new quest addition as miHoYo only rolled it out on September 21st, but you’ll need it under your belt if you’re going to help Iwata with his fertilizer situation.

Fortunately, Dracaena Somnolenta also takes place on Watatsumi Island, so you won’t need to go far if you’ve missed it.

How to Complete Fertilizer… Salesperson?


Once you’re ready, start a dialogue with Iwata, and the quest will begin. He’ll tell you about his problem and how he’s trying to solve it, and he’ll ask you to return a day later to check on his progress. Skip ahead twenty-four hours and talk to him again.

You’ll find Iwata again but swarmed by Slimes. So take out the blights and speak to the farmer once more. Iwata tells you he was still only halfway through creating the new fertilizer when the Slimes attacked, and just as he’s inviting you to look at the latest batch, Gourou arrives.

Gourou’s generals interrupt the gang again and inform them that a mysterious character is on Bourou Village’s outskirts. Gourou will now have joined the party, so head east, and you’ll find who you’re looking for before long.

The suspicious character is none other than bookworm NPC Alrani, who you introduce to Gourou. Unfortunately, he is taking some convincing that she’s not a shady character on your word alone, so you’ll have to find local researcher Kaushik to confirm her story.

Finding Kaushik


To locate the researcher, you’ll have to head west. You will find Kaushik just south of the Mounn Shrine under a tree. He’ll begrudgingly agree to help, after which you can head back with Gourou to his soldiers. Kaushik backs up his fellow researcher, and once the air is clear, the soldiers leave.

Alrani is so pleased to be freed that she volunteers to help Iwata with his fertilizer situation. So head back to the Iwata’s field, and the unlucky farmer will find his happy ending with Alrani as his new fertilizer specialist.

There are a few steps, but ‘Fertilizer… Salesperson?’ is an easy quest and is well worth the reward. It’s also a classic example of a light-hearted Genshin quest and a refreshing way to get some EXP while avoiding battles and demanding puzzles. Still, once you’ve had your fill of fertilizer, we have an ever-expanding page of Genshin Impact guides for the game so check out what else you might have missed with the latest update.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices.

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