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Genshin Impact: The Chi of Yore Quest Guide

Learn how to complete the quest and get all of its rewards
Genshin Impact The Chi of Yore

Genshin Impact offers its players the opportunity to take part in many quests and side quests, all of which offer generous rewards as well as trophies/achievements. With that said, we will now tell you everything you need to know to complete The Chi of Yore Quest, as well as guide you through all of its steps so that you can get all of its rewards, such as one Shrine of Depths Key, Primogems, and the trophy/achievement Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi.

How to Start and Complete The Chi of Yore Quest in Genshin Impact

To trigger the side quest, Travelers need to head towards the ruins located south of Wuwang Hill in Liyue. Once there, you need to find the NPC Yan’er. She will be located close to the region’s Teleport Waypoint. You can check out Yan’er’s location below:


After talking to her, you will need to head towards the area showcased on the game’s map and interact with the fragment guarded by a Ruin Hunter. After defeating the enemy, you will need to head towards the 3 statues scattered throughout the marked region. All the statues are located around Gigantic Amber rocks. Then, just interact with the fragment.

After that, you need to head towards Qingce Village so that you can get more information from the locals and from the village’s elder, Granny Ruoxin. You can reach the village by heading northwest of Wuwang Hill. After talking to Granny Ruoxin, you will need to go after the 2 remaining fragments needed to complete the quest. Luckily, both are located fairly close to the village, with its second one being located west of it. You can check the location of the second fragment below:


Once you arrive at the location showcased above, you will need to complete a quick puzzle in order to unlock the fragment. To do that, you just need to interact with the statues in the order shown below.


To find the third and final fragment, you just need to head towards the highest point of the Qingce Village region, located southeast of the village and north of Wuwang Hill. You can reach the point faster by teleporting to the waypoint located at the village and then heading towards the place where the cursor is placed in the map below:


To unlock the third fragment you need to, just like with the previous one, complete a statue-focused puzzle. You can check out which statues to interact with and in which order to do so below. After completing the puzzle, you just need to interact with the fragment and go meet Granny Ruoxin once more.


After your second meeting with Granny Ruoxin you just need to head towards The Vault, which is located below a waterfall north of Qingce Village. Once you arrive at the Vault, you just need to make use of the three fragments to open the gate located there. After entering the area, remember to check your team composition and your weapons, since you will have to battle not only Treasure Hoarders but also a few Ruin Guards and a Ruin Hunter to be able to finish the quest. You can check out the Vault’s location on the map below:


After finishing the challenges and exploring the Vault, you just need to return to the village and report to Granny Ruoxin so that you can complete the quest, get its rewards, and unlock the trophy/achievement Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.

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