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Genshin Impact: The Illumiscreen 2 Quest Guide

There was a bug blocking this event quest, but it has been resolved.

by Brandon Adams


The Illumiscreen returns with “The Illumiscreen 2” quest in the Lantern Rite Tales in Genshin Impact. Brother Qian from the Liyue Adventurer’s Guild has devised a new puzzle for travelers to solve, and with it comes three new treasures to loot. The Illumiscreen 2 is a touch trickier than the first part (and was plagued by a quest-breaking bug until recently), but you should be able to grab all three chests in no time.

Genshin Impact: The Illumiscreen 2 image is of a Mora, and there are three treasures to find.

To kick off The Illumiscreen 2 in Genshin Impact you need to reach the second stage of the Lantern Rite Tales. To do so you need to first clear the nine previous Lantern Rite Tales, followed by the Lantern Rite event quest “Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns.” You’ll then have a very brief quest to clear at the Wangshu Inn (“Wangshu Once Again”). Once that’s good and done you’ll have access to the second set of Lantern Rite Tales, including The Illumiscreen 2.

The Illumiscreen 2 kicks off the same way as the first one: talk to Brother Qian at the Liyue Harbor at night (between 21:00 and 06:00), and he’ll once more task you with solving a lantern puzzle to discern the location of three treasures. There’s a change here that makes things somewhat trickier this time around. The left lantern rotates itself, but the other two rotate themselves and another lantern. Thankfully, there’s a simple pattern to knock this out.

You need to make a projection of a Mora to progress The Illumiscreen 2, so rotate the center lantern until you get the Mora symbol. Spin the right one until it and the center are aligned, then move the left one to complete the image. Alternatively, you can start with the left lantern, since it moves independently, then the center until you see the Mora symbol, followed by the right until everything lines up. This will take a little longer, so it’s best to use the first method.


Once you’ve spun the lanterns and completed the Mora projection go interact with the image to highlight the three treasure locations on your map. Each Illumiscreen 2 treasure has a small challenge associated with it, so lets break these down real fast:


  • South of the Wangshu Inn, near Guili Plains waypoint
    • Blocked by a wind barrier.
    • Can be overcome by gliding from Wangshu Inn, but you need to climb up to the top.
    • Alternatively, can be bypassed by finding the three seelie floating nearby (this method comes with three extra Exquisite chests).
      • One in thorns, next to a Hilichurl encampment; use Pyro to free.
      • One just floating over some rocks nearby.
      • One across the water on a boulder near some Hilichurl.


  • East of Jueyun Karst, southeast of the nearest Minlin waypoint.
    • Near an old, abandoned house.
    • Pyro Hilichurl and a Hydro Abyss Mage will appear to defend a visible chest.
      • This is not the actual chest.
    • Kill the Hilichurl near the house, and select the dig option at the crater in the yard.
      • This is the actual chest.


  • Within the Huaguang Stone Forest, just south of the Mt. Aozang waypoint.
    • Jump over to the Challenge pylon and activate it.
    • Glide to the top and land on the center green island.
    • You need to blow up 15 barrels within the time limit to succeed.
      • Blow up the first barrel to blow them all up.
    • Loot the chest that appears near the pylon to complete this stage of the quest.

Once you’ve looted all three chests, return to Liyue Harbor to speak with Brother Qian to complete The Illumiscreen 2. It doesn’t matter what hour it is, simply speak with Qian to finish the quest and grab 30 Primogems, 20000 Mora, and 200 Festive Fever for the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite event.

- This article was updated on:February 15th, 2021

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