Genshin Impact: When Does the Raiden Shogun Banner End?

Players will have plenty of time to try to pull the legendary character.

by Noah Hunter

The Raiden Shogun banner dropped in Genshin Impact last night, with many players of the game sharing their joy of pulling the long-awaited character. Another character new to Version 2.1, Kujou Sara, is also a part of Baal’s banner. She is a 4-star electro bow user, adding some depth to the growing list of 4-star characters. Officially, the Raiden Shogun banner started on August 31st in the evening for US players.

The Raiden Shogun banner will leave on September 21st, around 3 pm going off of previous trends for Genshin Impact banners. This means that players will have 3 total weeks to try their luck with Baal, meaning most should easily be able to have a chance to pull her. Players can hop into the game and wish her banner now, or grind out primogems to pull her before the end of the banner.

Baal, or the Raiden Shogun, was originally introduced with Genshin Impact Version 2.0 as a non-playable character players fought in the main story. Files indicated that she would indeed be added as a playable character in the next update, with that being 2.1.


Genshin Impact 2.1 has multiple events planned before the release of 2.2 in October. The main new introduction besides Baal is the new fishing mechanics, part of the Lunar Realm event. By fishing, players can earn a various slate of rewards by trading in fish or even cooking it to serve to various NPCs across the map. Multiple new locations are also now available for players to discover and clear, part of the new Inazuma section of the map introduced originally with the release of Genshin Impact Version 2.0. Finally, Aloy is also now available for all PlayStation players for free. She will become available across other platforms starting with Version 2.2 in October. Be sure to check out all of our available Genshin Impact guides right here.